Trump says he plans to give immigration speech in Arizona
- Августа 30, 2016

And recently, he's tried to reach out to African-American voters, describing black communities as filled with high crime and high unemployment and asking, "What the hell do you have to lose?" During an interview Friday on CNN , King expressed concern that Trump sounded like he might be softening his stance on immigration enforcement. (more...)
Kerry in Saudi Arabia for talks on Yemen, Syria conflicts Kerry in Saudi Arabia for talks on Yemen, Syria conflicts
- Августа 30, 2016

He said the Houthis must cease shelling across the border with Saudi Arabia, pull back from the capital Sanaa, cede their weapons and enter into a unity government with their domestic foes. Kerry said stability in Yemen is important to blunting the expansion of extremist groups there like the Islamic State and Al Qaeda. From Yemen, a rocket fired on Saturday killed a three-year old boy in Najran, where shelling attacked a power station a day before. (more...)
Duterte to raise sea feud ruling against Chinese wishes
- Августа 30, 2016

Not all the killings were drug-related, Dela Rosa added. Many others, however, were reportedly killed by vigilantes, fueled by the president's anti-narcotics message. The streets are for their children. New York-based Human Rights Watch has condemned the "shocking human toll" and accused Duterte of inciting violence and "steamrolling the rule of law". (more...)
Colombia's FARC rebels to hold final conference, peace vote September 13-19
- Августа 29, 2016

Santos is moving fast to hold a national referendum on a peace deal meant to end a half-century conflict with leftist rebels, delivering the final text of the deal on Thursday to Congress and declaring a definitive ceasefire against the guerrillas. (more...)
Colombian rebels announce final conference of peace talks
- Августа 29, 2016

A first group of observers, mostly from Latin America, has already arrived in Colombia to verify the disarmament and monitor the ceasefire. With the worldwide community and the vast majority of Colombia's political players applauding the deal , Uribe's staunch rejection and his apocalyptic vision of peace with the FARC has politically isolated him. (more...)
Top France Court Suspends 'Burkini' Swimsuit Ban
- Августа 29, 2016

In a judgement expected to lead to bans being overturned in around 30 towns, the State Council ruled the measure was a " serious and clearly illegal violation of fundamental freedoms ". The wording makes no mention of a specific religion or type of clothing, but it is widely perceived to be aimed at Muslim women who are trying to dress modestly while at the beach. (more...)

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