Sisi says Sisi says "evil powers" attempt to ruin, isolate Egypt
- Апреля 19, 2016

Respecting human rights is not a hindrance in the fight against "terrorism" but an aid, Hollande says at a press conference after the meeting, while Sissi takes a defensive stance as his country's human rights record become the focus. Hollande, who arrived from talks in Lebanon, brings a delegation of business leaders in tow, and he and Sissi are expected to also discuss Middle East crises, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the war against Islamic State. (more...)
Morgan Stanley's profit more than halved as trading slumps Morgan Stanley's profit more than halved as trading slumps
- Апреля 19, 2016

The company said it had a profit of $0.55 Earnings per Share for the quarter. Sliding commodity and oil prices, worries about the Chinese economy and uncertainty about United States interest rates made for wobbly markets in January and February. (more...)
Two new cases of Zika virus reported in South Florida
- Апреля 18, 2016

Donovan said lawmakers were acting recklessly by refusing to grant the administration's request to support activities including mosquito control and vaccine research. Congress has yet to act on that request. Dr Jessamine is also advising any man travelling to a Zika infected country to practice safe sex for three to six months after returning, to avoid passing the virus on. (more...)
White House transfers almost $600 million to fight Zika
- Апреля 18, 2016

Most of the $589 million would be devoted to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for research on the virus and Zika-related birth defects, as well as the creation of response teams to limit its spread , the Obama administration said Wednesday. (more...)
White House to redirect unused Ebola money to prepare for Zika virus
- Апреля 18, 2016

The White House slammed members of Congress over the administration's decision to shift more than half a billion dollars that was designated for fighting Ebola to instead be used against Zika . Officials have been open to using a portion of funds previously allocated for Ebola, but maintain that it will not be "a sufficient response to significant threat posed by Zika ", Donovan said. (more...)
Expert worries US Zika outbreak could be "public health equivalent of Katrina"
- Апреля 18, 2016

Eadie discussed how his agency and mosquito control handled the 2009 and 2010 outbreaks of dengue fever in the Keys. "These efforts need to continue, and they can't be stopped or short-changed", said HHS Director Sylvia Burwell , according to the report. (more...)

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