Bexar County Residents Being Tested for Zika Virus Bexar County Residents Being Tested for Zika Virus
- February 03, 2016

But there is also a lot of uncertainty about the Zika virus. The virus appears to cause microcephaly , a condition where the baby's head is smaller than normal and the brain has not developed normally. Although the disease is mainly transmitted through mosquitoes, PHE said sexual transmission had been recorded in a "limited number of cases". The U.S. (more...)
Singapore seizes bank accounts as part of 1MDB investigation
- February 02, 2016

Investigations into 1MDB were separate from probes into the bank deposits, Apandi said on Saturday. The Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Commercial Affairs Department, in a joint statement, said they were cooperating with investigations being carried out by authorities in the U.S., Malaysia, and Switzerland. (more...)
State confirms 3 SC residents tested for Zika virus
- February 01, 2016

Certainly there has been a lot of recent news coverage about Zika virus . Experts predict they could be as many as 4 million cases of the virus in Latin America in the next year. "Clearly, pregnant women should avoid travelling to affected countries at present". The illness usually lasts from several days to a week and rarely results in death. (more...)
Brazil's Rousseff calls for war on Zika-carrying mosquito Brazil's Rousseff calls for war on Zika-carrying mosquito
- January 31, 2016

NY health officials confirmed a third case of the Zika virus in the city on Thursday, the same day the World Health Organization said the disease was "spreading explosively". But as many as 80 percent of people infected never develop symptoms. The virus, spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, is a mild illness with symptoms that can include fever, headache, rash and eye irritation. (more...)
Health official: Zika blood tests pending for several patients in Pennsylvania
- January 31, 2016

President Dilma Rousseff and her USA counterpart Barack Obama discussed their "shared concerns" about the virus' progress, the White House said . "They're concerned for my sister", Lopez said. For pregnant women, the risks are more worrisome. The virus is transmitted through mosquitoes, and once a prenant woman is infected, it can spread to her fetus. (more...)
Illinois Health Officials Report 3rd Case Of Zika Virus
- January 31, 2016

In Brazil, the Zika virus has been linked to cases of microcephaly , or abnormally small heads in newborns. The announcement comes after the World Health Organization (WHO ) warned this week that the virus is " spreading explosively " across the Americas, predicting three to four million cases this year. (more...)