Casey Anthony Emerges from Hiding, Launches Her Own Company Casey Anthony Emerges from Hiding, Launches Her Own Company
- Февраля 09, 2016

She joked with DailyMail .com, "Make sure you get my good side". The Cortez Rd. home listed in the $160 filing belongs to private investigator Patrick McKenna, who acted as her team's lead private investigator, the Orlando Sentinel reported. (more...)
State buildings in Flint, Mich., got clean water as officials denied contamination
- Февраля 09, 2016

A spokesman for Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder says fresh bottled water placed in a state building in Flint beginning in January 2015 was for both employees and residents as concerns were rising about the city's water system, but before lead was discovered in it. (more...)
Obama Asking Congress for Emergency Funding to Combat Zika Obama Asking Congress for Emergency Funding to Combat Zika
- Февраля 09, 2016

MARVIN RECINOS/AFP/Getty Images Zika virus is spread mostly by mosquitoes, although evidence has emerged in recent weeks that it can be transmitted via sex as well. Many Republicans called then for travel bans from the affected areas. Another $250 million would be allocated specifically to Puerto Rico though extra Medicaid funding, while $200 million would go toward research and commercialization of new vaccines and diagnostic tests. (more...)
When Did Rick Snyder Learn About Legionnaire's in Flint?
- Февраля 08, 2016

They also invited the director of the state's Department of Environmental Quality. "We are calling on the US Marshalls to hunt (Darnell Earley) down and give him that subpoena ", said Rep. Sen. "We would all hope sooner, rather than later", Snyder said to the room full of leg­is­lators and press, "but it's not based on time, it's based on science, facts and caution". (more...)
Facing NH loss, Clinton looks ahead to counter Sanders
- Февраля 08, 2016

When she gave briefings on Capitol Hill, Albright doesn't recall Bernie Sanders ever being in attendance. "She believes it firmly and in part because she knows what a struggle it has been, and she understands the struggle is not over", Clinton said . (more...)
Rubio comes under withering criticism in Republican debate
- Февраля 08, 2016

Meanwhile former Florida governor Bush - whose dream of following his father and brother into the White House will likely live or die after Tuesday's primary - stepped up his game, questioning Rubio's experience and butting heads with Trump. (more...)

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