Donatella Versace reacts to death of friend, Prince Donatella Versace reacts to death of friend, Prince
- April 24, 2016

In the interview, he complains that outlets like iTunes don't pay advances for music and compares the Internet to a passing fad like MTV. He also hated the computerized format itself. Asked whether he still thought the Internet was "over" in a November interview with The Guardian , Prince further clarified his stance. Brent Fischer, a composer who started working with Prince told the BBC's Azhar he thinks 70 percent of the music they produced is unreleased. (more...)
Judge dismisses class-action lawsuit in Flint water crisis
- April 23, 2016

Charges were authorized for Flint , Michigan, city employee Michael Glasgow and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) employees Stephen Busch , a supervisor with the DEQ's Office of Drinking Water, and Michael Prysby, a district engineer, on Wednesday, April 20. (more...)
Trump, Cruz feud shifts to luxury seaside resort
- April 23, 2016

The guest answered, in part, by spotlighting how "the New York Times has an excellent editorial today that points out why it's so important for Bernie Sanders to continue to make his case - that he has brought definition to these issues...I think we'll continue to make the case on whether or not it's time to change politics in America". (more...)
Clinton seen as best Trump foil; Outsider tag boosts Trump
- April 21, 2016

Conversely, just a quarter of voters say the delegates sent to the convention in Cleveland should decide. Cruz said the Trump campaign "does not know how to organize on the grassroots". Ted Cruz - are largely unpopular with the party's establishment. NY is a "closed" primary state, meaning those who aren't enrolled in a party - independents - and those enrolled in minor parties can't vote Tuesday. (more...)
It's official, Ben Affleck to direct a Batman movie
- April 19, 2016

Following the recent Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, fans have both praised and criticised Ben Affleck's portrayal of Batman (older, murderous, and gadget-less). This was reportedly a condition when the A-lister actor signed up as Bruce Wayne back in 2013. The announcement on Tuesday evening was the first time the CEO has spoken about the rumored Affleck-produced project. (more...)
Oil production freeze to help balance market before end of year
- April 18, 2016

Rivalry between OPEC and regional heavyweights Saudi Arabia and Iran appear to have prevented a deal despite the six-hour formal meeting between 18 producers. Industry watchers said that a potential freeze would have little impact on USA oil stocks, which already have the impact of the meeting priced in. (more...)