Trump's kids forget to register to vote for him
- April 12, 2016

But it's fine. I understand that. While many states make it easy for voters to participate in their primaries, New York's voter laws set October of 2015 as the deadline to switch party registration in order to participate in the state's 2016 party primaries. (more...)
Sanders Wins Wyoming to Extend Victory Run Sanders Wins Wyoming to Extend Victory Run
- April 11, 2016

Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said his opponent party front-runner Hillary Clinton has the experience but clearly lacks the judgment to be president of the United States. Mrs Clinton leads Mr Sanders 54-42% among likely Democratic voters in NY, according to Quinnipiac University polls . "We think we've got a shot to win and if we win here, it will be a major boost in Pennsylvania, to other states and out west", he said. (more...)
Trump Campaign Delegate Tracker Paul Manafort: "I Work Directly For The Boss"
- April 11, 2016

The reason is a few caucus states only report delegates, not vote totals. The expert panel put together by FiveThirtyEight projected Trump to win seven delegates in the state. On April 19, NY will host one of the most crucial primaries of the cycle, and Cruz will be anxious to block Trump from a resounding delegate grab. (more...)
Trump adviser says Republicans won't have contested convention
- April 10, 2016

It's definitely an insider's game, which is one reason that Trump appears to be struggling to get his supporters selected as delegates, even though he's won the most primaries. Trump's brash, insult-heavy campaign has had a polarizing effect on Republicans as well as the nation at large, but Manafort said he believed the party would unite behind Trump. (more...)
Clinton goes tough on China, Sanders questions if she is 'qualified' Clinton goes tough on China, Sanders questions if she is 'qualified'
- April 10, 2016

That leaves Sanders with a net delegate gain of either 10 or four, depending on whether Wisconsin superdelegates who have already declared support for Clinton are included in the math. This is a new low". The comment rankled Clinton's aides, with many arguing it shows Sanders' campaign growing desperate in the face of growing odds. (more...)
White House Criticizes Congress for Inaction on Zika Money
- April 09, 2016

The impending move comes as there's greater urgency to battle the Zika virus as summer weather leads to mosquito season and a potential broader spread of the virus. Tran Dac Phu, who heads the tropical country's preventive health department, told VOA. While it seems unlikely that Congress will approve the supplemental request, now that the White House has made the transfer of Ebola funds, the administration said the Ebola money would still need to be replaced because Ebola hasn't been ... (more...)