Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire After Iowa Caucus
- February 04, 2016

Rubio's strong third-place finish puts him in the position to claim the Republican establishment vote, some experts wrote . Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) coming in third. Yet, she is likely to win the Democratic candidacy because Sanders will not be able to carry the primaries in Southern states, where he is relatively unknown to black voters, who constitute the base of the Democratic camp. (more...)
How Much Attention Did Donald Trump Get With His Debate Boycott?
- February 04, 2016

Marco Rubio (R-FL), Sen. "This is like the Academy Awards", Donald Trump said. Of course, Trump stood to gain from boycotting. Pew's survey found that Republicans are watching the debates in higher percentages than Democrats or independents, and that GOP viewers are less interested in seeing candidates from the other party. (more...)
Ted Cruz asks 'Reagan Democrats' to support him Ted Cruz asks 'Reagan Democrats' to support him
- February 04, 2016

He gestured to the roughly 200 voters. "I said is that a tell there, when the first thing you want to talk about is fantastic third-place finish? If we don't get Senator Ted Cruz elected, I won't have a practice", said Lozano. Grant found that Trump did far worse than Cruz in counties where the electorate was largely conservative Christian, as "counties with the strongest conservative Christian base gave Cruz double-digit win over Trump". (more...)
Baby warning for couples over spread of zika virus
- February 02, 2016

According to sources, the Union Health Ministry has also recently called health experts from the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme and National Centre for Disease Control to closely look at the virus trend and chalk out plans to avert the virus. (more...)
'Affluenza Teen' To Remain In Juvenile Detention For Now 'Affluenza Teen' To Remain In Juvenile Detention For Now
- February 01, 2016

Couch was deported from Mexico on Thursday, leaving the capital aboard a commercial flight heading for Dallas, Mexico's migration department said. Couch's case drew widespread attention after his attorneys argued the accident was partly to blame on what they said were indulgent parents who failed to set limits for the teenager, who was 16 at the time of the fatal crash. (more...)
Less GOP debate seen by 12.5 million people
- February 01, 2016

Rand Paul and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush more valuable airtime. His campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski , said earlier in the week that without his candidate's participation Fox "might have a one to two million person debate ". "Now that we've gotten the Donald Trump portion out of the way..." "And they've wanted me there", he said at the beginning of the fundraiser for veterans. (more...)