4 protesters arrested at Trump rally in Kansas City 4 protesters arrested at Trump rally in Kansas City
- Марта 16, 2016

His accusation came after a Trump rally in Chicago on Friday was called off amid scenes of violence that included fistfights and people throwing bottles in what many believe is a turning point in the campaign if not American politics. Trump insisted that there is provocation from the protesters in his rallies. The elderly man "got carried away, he was 78 years old, he obviously loves his country, and maybe he doesn't like seeing what's happening to the country", Trump said . (more...)
Michigan Gov. Wants State Response to Flint Water Crisis Investigated
- Марта 16, 2016

Snyder can approve contracts under state law and does not need the board's approval for his $1.2 million in spending but chose to still notify the board, Adler said. Rick Snyder's role in first creating the Flint water crisis and then failing to do anything about it. It shows that an employee from Snyder's Office of Urban Initiatives warned against the rush to switch Flint's water source from Detroit-area system to Flint River in 2014. (more...)
Snyder says law firm to focus on Flint emails, documents
- Марта 15, 2016

Snyder called for the state's Auditor General and the health agency's inspector general to investigate the problems in Flint and surrounding Genesee County, and they agreed, the state said. From June 2014 to November 2015, Genesee County, which includes Flint, had 87 cases of Legionnaires', 10 of them fatal. A federal state of emergency has been declared in Flint due to risky levels of contamination in the water supply. (more...)
Sanders and Clinton Condemn Trump for 'Applauding,' 'Literally Inciting' Violence Sanders and Clinton Condemn Trump for 'Applauding,' 'Literally Inciting' Violence
- Марта 15, 2016

On Friday night, clashes broke out between protesters and Trump supporters and forced the real estate mogul to postpone his campaign event in Chicago. Do you believe Bernie Sanders is responsible for the violence protests at Donald Trump rallies? "Even his Republican colleagues make this point: His language, his intonation, when he talks about carrying people out in stretchers... (more...)
Flint suspending water bills amid confusion, state aid
- Марта 15, 2016

Rick Snyder is requesting $1.2 million dollars to pay for the state's legal fees. "The resources were needed to complete the work that has to be done, and needed to be done in a timely manner", Adler said. "I need time to adequately train additional staff and to update our monitoring plans before I will feel we are ready". Adler said the emails included in Thursday's release were initially missed when the previous emails were released in February. (more...)
Snyder calls for investigation of state health dept
- Марта 15, 2016

Adler declined to release the review to The Associated Press or explain what was specifically troubling to the governor. A spokesman for Michigan Gov. Snyder has apologized for regulatory failures while the city was under state emergency financial management, which led to a decision to not add anti-corrosion chemicals when Flint's water source was switched from a Detroit-area system to the Flint River in 2014. (more...)

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