Donald Trump dominating GOP field ahead of Super Tuesday
- Февраля 29, 2016

Barron doesn't think Christie has any animosity toward Marco Rubio, whose moment in the spotlight after Thursday's Republican debate was summarily ended by Christie's endorsement. Looking further down the calendar, Rubio said he's going to win his home state of Florida on March 15. Rubio stopped short of calling on his fellow candidates to drop out on Saturday. (more...)
Bill Clinton campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Richmond Bill Clinton campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Richmond
- Февраля 29, 2016

Get ready, South Florida: Former President Bill Clinton is headed your way. Secretary Clinton will appear at Miles College in Birmingham on Saturday to discuss efforts to raise the minimum wage. Clinton also took issue with another Trump line about making America great again. "Hillary Clinton has spent her entire life taking on the toughest fights on behalf of families and children-starting here in SC while working at the Children's Defense Fund". (more...)
Bill Clinton stopping in Montgomery to give Hillary a Super Tuesday boost Bill Clinton stopping in Montgomery to give Hillary a Super Tuesday boost
- Февраля 29, 2016

Former President Bill Clinton will visit Bluffton on Friday to campaign for his wife and presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton . Clinton campaigned Wednesday night at the Hippodrome Theater in Richmond. She's been there before with President Clinton, Bill Clinton . She has not visited the county this campaign cycle. "Overall, I mean, just her stance on, of course, education, you know, of course, the middle class, the people that are hurting, making sure they're able to survive in the ... (more...)
Marco Rubio mocks Donald Trump's misspelled insults
- Февраля 29, 2016

Meg Whitman, the chief executive of Hewlett-Packard and a former finance co-chair of Chris Christie's presidential campaign, on Sunday slammed Christie's recent endorsement of Donald Trump , calling for the New Jersey governor's supporters to reject the Republican frontrunner. (more...)
Cruz: Trump can't beat Hillary
- Февраля 29, 2016

But Cruz leads Trump in his home state of Texas by 13 points, 39 percent to 26 percent. WASHINGTON - Donald Trump wasn't Susan Williams' first choice for president. Cruz cast Trump as a carbon copy Clinton and suggested that not even Trump "knows what he would do" as president. Maybe that's what his tax returns show. (more...)
Cruz, Rubio escalate case against Trump Cruz, Rubio escalate case against Trump
- Февраля 29, 2016

Trump has a different assessment. This week, Florida has sent a wave of support toward Rubio, replete with endorsements from politicians and campaign cash from donors. In-person early voting starts Monday in some large counties (Miami-Dade and Hillsborough) and on Saturday in others (Broward and Palm Beach). Florida politics-watchers have been surprised that the candidates have paid little early attention to the state. (more...)

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