Voters Suffer Through Hours-Long Early Voting Lines
- November 09, 2016

In Florida, voters who indicated they were Hispanic on their voter registration form represent more than 15 percent of the early vote. Around 4.5 million votes have been cast in Texas. The county is home to Las Vegas and is 30 percent Hispanic. For one thing, Clark County has seen a surge in early voting. Early voting, whether in-person or by mail, is offered in 37 states and the District of Columbia . (more...)
Iowa poll: Trump up 7 points over Clinton
- November 07, 2016

The readings for all candidates are the same in the unrounded IBD/TIPP poll data. A day earlier , Clinton led by 0.5 point. It is an item of American election trivia which must be delighting Donald Trump, given he's ahead of Hillary Clinton in the polls in OH - albeit by just a few points. (more...)
Obama reacts to Federal Bureau of Investigation director's move Obama reacts to Federal Bureau of Investigation director's move
- November 06, 2016

OH remained a dead heat, with Pennsylvania now tilting to Clinton. The latter is a reliably Republican state where Democrats see an opening against Trump given his unpopularity with Hispanics. He has 2 more stops here in North Carolina this week. She was campaigning in urban centers of Detroit, Pittsburgh and Cleveland while President Barack Obama made her case in Charlotte, North Carolina - all cities where minority voters are crucial. (more...)
Cubs fans ready for the World Series Cubs fans ready for the World Series
- November 03, 2016

The Cubs 5-0 blanking of the Dodgers was an authoritative win that sent a message to the Cleveland Indians, who the Cubs will face Tuesday evening at Progressive Field, that they're hungry. That's the most games any Cubs team has won in one season since 1910. Rightfully so. We are witnessing history right before our eyes. It was a great publicity stunt for Mr Sianis, who renamed his restaurant "The Billy Goat Inn". (more...)
Affordable Care Act Enrollment Begins Tuesday
- November 03, 2016

However, with 85% of enrollees eligible for a tax credit based on personal income and the second-lowest cost silver plan, the majority of Obamacare participants won't feel the effect of the price hike. "I've done it before", he said. "We just want people to get insured". "Most people picking high deductible plans to control the monthly premium dollars", Richard Vicary, of Vicary Insurance, said. (more...)
Polling places changing for some voters Polling places changing for some voters
- November 03, 2016

Some of them didn't have to do anything more hard than put their ballot in the mail. Franklin County's election website also notes that people who can not got to the polls because they are observing a religious holiday may vote by absentee ballot. (more...)