Prescription Glasses For VR Headsets Prescription Glasses For VR Headsets
- April 09, 2016

HTC will be setting up demo stations at a number of US GameStop outlets and Microsoft Stores. The German premium auto maker has announced that the HTC Vive involved in developing its vehicles. According to HTC, PayPal payments are made immediately at the time you order, but shipment occurs according to the order in which all orders were received. (more...)
Tesla finally on track with Model X production
- April 08, 2016

Tesla said the Q1 results should equate to success for the remaining quarters in 2016, with the carmaker aiming for between 80,000 and 90,000 deliveries by year's end. Tesla said the Model X supply issue only affected "half a dozen" parts, but did not specify what those parts were. "LG Display is a sole supplier for the 15-plus inch center display of Model 3", a source told Reuters. (more...)
Make Some New (Bot) Friends on Kik Make Some New (Bot) Friends on Kik
- April 08, 2016

The company's bot shop has been launched alongside a small stampede of bot-obsessed businesses who are hoping to silo users' activities within apps - where their data can be collected - rather than let them use their operating system as a platform for their whatevops. (more...)
Final Fantasy VII Remake To Be Released As A Trilogy Final Fantasy VII Remake To Be Released As A Trilogy
- April 08, 2016

We can expect a new Final Fantasy VII Remake Episode every year or so. The Final Fantasy VII Remake was one of the biggest surprise announcements of 2015, especially when it was announced that the title would be released as a multi-part series of games. (more...)
Donut Drake Removed From Uncharted 4 Donut Drake Removed From Uncharted 4
- April 07, 2016

Druckmann is certain that gamers will be buzzing over the "Uncharted 4" conclusion. Despite the thrill around finding Thor’s actual mythical hammer, I’m glad the games turned out the way they did. Druckmann stated that he "didn't want to have a laugh at someone's expense" and that "I thought that we'd matured beyond that". The technical experience in bringing " The Last Of Us " to PS4 reportedly helped with the polish of " Uncharted 4 " as well. (more...)
3 things learned from Wisconsin presidential primary
- April 07, 2016

A majority of GOP voters said they're either concerned about or scared of a potential Trump presidency, according to surveys conducted by Edison Research for The Associated Press and television networks. She has struggled to fill the enthusiasm gap since the beginning of her campaign, as she has tried to reach out to the young female voters in particular that are attracted to Sanders and his populist message. (more...)