Microsoft is bringing your Android notifications to Windows 10
- April 05, 2016

Next, Roper talked about improving pen support in Windows 10 for devices such as Surface. In addition, Microsoft's virtual assistant, Cortana, will head to the Xbox One along with the capability to play music in the background, The Telegraph noted. (more...)
Oculus Rift Release Date Arrives; Shipping Begins
- April 05, 2016

Those gamers and technologists that jumped into the pre-ordered early have started receiving their shiny new virtual reality headset, Xbox controller and motion sensor. "So it's kind of like me taking all of this work and handing it off to you so you've got to make sure you have fun with it or something". HTC Vive will follow on April. (more...)
Microsoft announces next wave of Edge extensions
- April 04, 2016

Today the list expands as seven more partners have been added: Pinterest, Adblock , Adblock Plus, LastPass, Amazon Assistant, Evernote Corp., and Page Analyzer, which should do well to help Edge compete against the ever-dominant Chrome browser . (more...)
India to get updated version of Cortana this summer
- April 04, 2016

Microsoft said it will be releasing the feature in a future version of Windows 10 , with its likely arrival through the aforementioned Windows 10 Anniversary Update. On installing the dev mode, users will have to register their Xbox One as a development kit to achieve the same. Windows developers will still need to format their apps for the console, and Microsoft hasn't indicated that all purchases will carry over between the Windows Store and Xbox. (more...)
Oculus Rift virtual reality now a reality
- April 04, 2016

A number of Oculus Rift packages are now getting into the hands of gamers all over the world, and some of them are disappointed to find that they are having a relatively hard time when it comes to getting access to applications that are not distributed via the official store . (more...)
Oculus Rift teardown dives into its dual displays, head tracking, and more
- April 03, 2016

This is a win-win arrangement for both developers and consumers. Medicine - and who knows what else - is also ripe for VR. "In that sense, it is part of a multi-year process". The Vive will launch April 5 and cost $800. As for direct competitors, Sony has their $399 PlayStation VR, which hooks up to a PlayStation 4. Your missing sister, an ancient machine, and a sinister presence await within The Gallery, an episodic, built-for-VR game inspired by dark 80's fantasy films. (more...)