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Israeli wounded in Palestinian attack in West Bank
- March 03, 2016

Police said an initial investigation indicates it was "most likely" a Palestinian assailant who carried out the attack and then fled the scene. Hamas' foreign relations chief, Osama Hamdan, who participated in the press conference, said that Hamas appreciates the Iranian initiative to support the Palestinian intifada, adding that this is not the first gesture Iran has made to Palestine and that the former treats the Palestinian issue as "its own issue". (more...)
Two U.S. Women Have Reportedly Gotten Abortions Following Zika Diagnoses
- February 29, 2016

It said that a total of 52 countries and territories have reported local transmission of Zika virus between January 2007 and February 2016. Those destinations are among the 30 places now on the CDC's travel alert. Brazil has seen 59 confirmed cases of microcephaly since the surge was first noticed last October, and another 440 cases are under investigation. Earlier this week, the CDC said that it was investigating 14 suspected cases of Zika being sexually transmitted, in which a ... (more...)
CDC: Zika infections confirmed in 9 pregnant women in US CDC: Zika infections confirmed in 9 pregnant women in US
- February 27, 2016

According to the federal public health agency, as of Thursday, there have been 14 confirmed cases of the virus in Canada, all acquired by travellers. She was not pregnant and experienced symptoms consistent with the virus disease shortly after her return to MI. (more...)
Nevada governor doesn't want to be on high court
- February 26, 2016

The news comes just one day after reports indicated that the White House was considering picking Sandoval, a centrist former federal judge who served as Nevada governor since 2011, to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court , reported Fox News . (more...)
CDC: 14 more US reports of possible Zika spread through sex CDC: 14 more US reports of possible Zika spread through sex
- February 24, 2016

However, the CDC nows says these 14 possible cases of sexual transmission underscore the importance of practicing safe sex for couples in which the woman is pregnant or trying to get pregnant. His lab has since partnered with researchers in Brazil to study sexual transmission of Zika virus. "We really do think that mosquito-borne transmission is the most common way the virus spreads". (more...)
Possible Zika Vaccines Months Away From Broad Trials Possible Zika Vaccines Months Away From Broad Trials
- February 13, 2016

His temperature is now normal and a skin rash is receding, it said . Zika virus is transmitted primarily through the bites of Aedes species mosquitoes. Scientists are now working to develop a vaccine , but it will likely be months if not years before it's available. Zika is not treatable with specific medication, and vaccine trials to combat the disease are more than a year away, according to World Health Organization officials. (more...)