It's parade day in Philadelphia for NCAA champion Villanova
- Апреля 10, 2016

It had been 31 years since Villanova's last national championship in basketball (1985) - something Oklahoma has yet to accomplish in over 100 years of men's varsity basketball. "So I was, like, make sure the floor is dry", Ochefu said. "I can still remember being a freshman and rushing the floor... when we beat Syracuse". Fans are lined up 10-deep on some city sidewalks as buses carrying the team pass by. (more...)
Are Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Engaged?
- Апреля 10, 2016

Blac Chyna's best friend Amber Rose posted her congrats to the couple the morning of April 5. TMZ reported that the Kardashian clan has no idea of Rob's apparent proposal. Lol. Chyna and Rob's children will be the only ones to carry the Kardashian name, since both Kim's and Kourtney's children took their fathers' surnames. (more...)
'Walking Dead' Fans Start Petition Demanding AMC Reveal Negan's Victim 'Walking Dead' Fans Start Petition Demanding AMC Reveal Negan's Victim
- Апреля 10, 2016

Sadly, we aren't going to know anytime soon who Negan's victim was in the final minutes of The Walking Dead's season 6 finale on Sunday, but we do already know the ratings from the 90-minute finale. But worst of all, it will be remembered as the season when we realised with absolute certainty that you care more about viewing figures and cheap tricks than you do about the audience that has turned the show into a juggernaut. (more...)
Caitlyn Jenner's new Caitlyn Jenner's new "Finally Free" MAC lipstick released
- Апреля 09, 2016

The I Am Cait star looked sensual and glamorous in a black bustier with tousled curls and makeup as she touched up her lips with the new product while staring in the mirror . Scott Disick recently opened up about how his kids reacted to Caitlyn's transition, saying they "don't really know exactly what's gone on". I woke up the other morning, and I was just happy. (more...)
Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are engaged Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are engaged
- Апреля 09, 2016

Chyna has been rocking a ring on her wedding hand for months but it seems as if Kardashian wanted a seal of approval from his mother before making things official. Kardashian and Chyna began dating in January, reportedly much to the dismay of his famous family since Chyna was previously engaged to Kylie Jenner's current boyfriend, Tyga . (more...)
Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian not rushing their wedding Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian not rushing their wedding
- Апреля 09, 2016

The two were spotted celebrating the engagement at Ace of Diamonds with her mom, who is now in town. Khloe is also shocked Rob, 29, sprung the engagement on her family by surprise and thinks he is simply trying to cause "drama". "That he is getting himself into a situation that is not ideal for him". But Khloe got really angry when news broke that Rob was dating Blac Chyna . (more...)

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