'Sad Ben Affleck' Reacts to Bad Reviews in Viral Video! 'Sad Ben Affleck' Reacts to Bad Reviews in Viral Video!
- Марта 29, 2016

In fact, Snyder admitted to EW that originally they wanted a star to play the Olsen role. Recently in the Comic-Con, it was revealed by Geoff John, who is DC's Creative Officer, that they were going to work on a solo Batman movie soon. (more...)
Blac Chyna wants '$1 mn' for 'KUWT' cameo Blac Chyna wants '$1 mn' for 'KUWT' cameo
- Марта 29, 2016

Chyna is now dating young brother Rob Kardashian who has been extremely reclusive over the past few years as he struggles with his depression, weight issues and a recent diabetes diagnoses. However, TMZ stated that the chances of Chyna getting a role on " KUWTK " are very slim. Given the salaries of other Kardashian cast members, the $1 million Blac requested seems steep for small, cameo appearances. (more...)
Garry Shandling's Garry Shandling's "The Larry Sanders Show" to return to HBO
- Марта 29, 2016

Alan Nierob says Shandling had no history of heart trouble, but doctors at the hospital where Shandling died Thursday said it appeared the 66-year-old suffered a fatal heart attack. "Double bills of Seinfeld and Larry Sanders on BBC2 my highlight of the 90s". It was considered incredibly influential and some of TV's best comedy writers spent time in Shandling's writers room, including Judd Apatow, Steve Levitan , Peter Tolan , and Carol Leifer . (more...)
Conan O'Brien and Seth Meyers Share Their Best Garry Shandling Stories Conan O'Brien and Seth Meyers Share Their Best Garry Shandling Stories
- Марта 29, 2016

If you like shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm and/or Parks and Recreation , do yourself a favor and watch The Larry Sanders Show . Its restoration to HBO GO and HBO NOW is a long time coming. Shandling didn't leave a widow or children. R.I.P. He counseled me, he cheered me up, he told me jokes. He was also offered " The Late Late Show " but declined so he could do the "Larry Sanders Show ". (more...)
Garry Shandling's Apparent Cause of Death Was a Heart Attack
- Марта 29, 2016

Born in Chicago, the comedian was known for his neurotic observational humour, particularly about romantic relationships and his lancing of showbiz in his inventive TV shows. He followed up that success with The Larry Sanders Show on HBO , which became his most well-known and beloved creation. The late-night host then explained how distraught and confused he was after the events in 2010 that led to him leaving NBC's "The Tonight Show" so that Jay Leno could return. (more...)
Hollywood Is Taking a Stand Against Georgia's Anti-Gay Bill
- Марта 29, 2016

It has attracted a number of high-profile productions, among them " Captain America: Civil War ", which comes out in May. Viacom as well as the AMC Networks, which films "The Walking Dead" in the state, has called on Gov. The studio says it will move to other locations, however, if the discriminatory proposal becomes permanent. He said the Georgia landscape does not matter in most productions filmed there. (more...)

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