Oscars brings in third-lowest viewership in history
- Марта 03, 2016

We got a Black Rocky . He explained: "He [Leo] is my man. I always joke with him, telling him, "you're an honorary black man". Again, I would've liked to see this concept expanded to include more than just black actors , but it doesn't take away from the importance of the message contained within this bit of satire from the Oscars. (more...)
"Fuller House" debuts Friday on Netflix
- Марта 03, 2016

Twenty-one years after Full House went off the air, ABC's schmaltzy family sitcom is moving into new digs on Netflix, which launches a nostalgia-fueled revival on Friday. The anticipated sequel to the "90s family sitcom, Fuller House began streaming February 26 on Netflix ". First, the twins revealed that they weren't even contacted about appearing on the reboot series to which Stamos replied on Twitter, "I call bulls**t!" Bure, 39, has competed on Dancing with the Stars and now ... (more...)
Tyrese calls out Chris Rock for dissing Jada Pinkett-Smith at Oscars
- Марта 03, 2016

Rock pointed out that the absence of nominees from coloured backgrounds was not a new trend and used the early 1960s as an example. The Academy Awards have been able to survive most of their 88-year history without Twitter . Whether that will change anything on the part of Hollywood power brokers, who knows? Is it burning-cross racist? Smith doesn't seem to be anxious at all about what the comedian said during the awards show . (more...)
'Deadpool' tops 'Gods of Egypt' at box office
- Марта 03, 2016

Its domestic total is now at $22.7 million. Proyas added that while he wasn't necessarily upset by the negative reviews Gods of Egypt received, he was exhausted of the "cowardly" critics who operated under a collective mindset. The original plan developed by Lionsgate was to turn the film into a billion-dollar saga, to follow that of Divergent and The Hunger Games , which made box office history on more than one occasion. (more...)
Kanye's latest Twitter target is...Deadmau5?
- Марта 03, 2016

This and other equally dismissive tweets came after Deadmau5 publicly accused West of pirating music production software, and suggesting that his fans should organize a Kickstarter so that the debt-ridden West wouldn't have to steal software anymore. (more...)
Fuller House: Renewed by Netflix!
- Марта 03, 2016

The pop-ins: " Fuller House " uses just the right amount of Uncle Jesse, Danny, Joey and Aunt Becky in striking a balance between nostalgia and establishing its own identity as a new show. Instead, it feels more like the actors are breaking character to tell us all what their characters have been up to. (Candace Cameron-Bure), Stephanie ( Jodie Sweetin ) and lifelong friend, Kimmy Gibbler (Alicia Barber). (more...)

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