Where Is Catalonia? Region's Independence Movement Seeks Sovereignty

More than 800 people required medical attention after riot police cracked down on the banned independence referendum regional authorities said

Cyprus said Spain's national sovereignty and territorial integrity needed to be respected, arguing that the referendum on Catalonia's independence was carried outin violation of the Spanish constitution. That concluded moments ago and CUP, the pro-secession party that is a majority in the Catalan parliament, has announced it will declared independence from Spain in plenary session on Monday, El Pais reports.

Ryssdal: There is a general strike called for tomorrow right in Catalonia? "It certainly wasn't done in the normal way for a referendum". I mean various European Union leaders have come out today and condemned the police violence and brutality but the general reaction has been "this is an internal matter for Spain, we don't want to get involved".

Carbonell walked two hours to join protesters in Barcelona's University Square as public transportation was shut down and taxi service was extremely limited.

"In the case of independence, the club and the members would have to decide in which league we would play", Bartomeu told reporters after a board meeting.

Puigdemont called on Madrid to remove its police forces, which Catalans criticized as having overreacted on Sunday, and said that he would open an investigation into their actions.

At one point, one Spanish liberal lawmaker held up a copy of the post-dictatorship constitution, brandishing it at Catalan separatists and saying Catalans voted for it in 1978.

"By Monday, we will either be in jail or free", one minister, who requested his name not be used, added.

The request comes a day after a violent crackdown by Spanish police trying to block Catalonians from voting on whether they wanted to separate from Spain.

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Puigdemont promised that he would present results to the Catalan parliament, which has previously said it would seek independence if the vote supported it.

The route to becoming independent won't be easy for Catalonia.

German officials say they are hoping for a "de-escalation" of the situation in Spain, but insist the conflict over Catalonia's independence drive is a domestic Spanish matter.

Spain's Constitutional Court has ruled the referendum illegal. Spain's monarch doesn't traditionally get involved in daily politics and typically only addresses the nation around Christmas.

Spain is a country that includes diverse groups of people from Basque country to Andalusia.

Catalan President Carles Puigdemont raised the stakes further after the markets closed, launching a strongly worded attack on the King of Spain. "There are many mechanisms which can guarantee the same characteristics and conditions of trade relations [as] now", said Joan Romero, head of Catalonia's trade and investment division. "Now it has become emotional".

Investments could also be delayed as corporate executives consider the implications of Catalan independence, said Stephen Brown, an economist at Capital Economics.

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