You can't view YouTube videos through the Amazon Echo Show

Alexa goes mobile for Amazon Music app

The online retail giant is expected to hold a news conference at one of the company's new buildings at its headquarters downtown. Much before any of their competitors started off, Amazon had the Amazon Echo.

The new Echo is about two-thirds the height of its predecessor and comes in six different mesh, wood, and brushed metal exterior designs.

The Amazon Echo Spot was one of the more surprising reveals at Amazon's big Echo event, which saw a new redesigned Amazon Echo, a supercharged Amazon Echo Plus and the Amazon Show coming to the UK.

The second-gen Amazon Echo is about a half in length when compared to its predecessor. It built out of metal and the outer shell is wrapped in the cloth. Thanks to this screen, it's unique among the current lot of connected speakers, and offers opportunities for information retrieval and media consumption that other systems just can't deliver.

Steve Boom, VP of Amazon Music, said: "Amazon Music customers already know and love Alexa from listening on Echo devices".

GOP to unveil tax code overhaul Wednesday
The devil is in the still-unspecified details - and the deductions, some of which would remain as others are phased out. "This is going to be a tax cut for middle-income families", said one senior administration official.

You can also read your messages on the screen and make calls.

The flagship Amazon smart speaker has been completely redesigned, having been made smaller and had its audio output improved thanks to enhanced internal speakers. Echo Connect allows you to make phone calls (including emergency calls to 911) to landlines for free, and will be priced at $35. Amazon demoed a trivia-style game where the buttons acted as buzzers. Today's announcement introduced the first update for the original Echo since its launch. The device goes on sale in December and pre-orders begin today.

The freshened line-up of Echo devices included a redesigned model with improved sound, along with an Echo Plus model.

Meanwhile, Apple recently released a 4K-friendly new version of its Apple TV, years after the competition began supporting ultra-high definition content. The little beast is powered by a quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, 8GB storage, and 802.11ac WiFi.

Like the original Echo, the Echo is cylindrical, with a ring of LEDs around the top edge that light up when Alexa is activated.



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