RESULTS: Roy Moore wins Alabama GOP primary runoff for US Senate

US Senate candidate Roy Moore rode a horse to his polling place

A number of Republican senators sent their congratulations, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, whose support for odd ended up being an albatross for the candidate.

Moore, unlike any other Senate candidate in recent history, made his belief in the supremacy of a Christian God over the Constitution the cornerstone of his campaign. The group, which has ties to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, put millions of dollars behind odd in the heated GOP primary with Moore. The governor appointed odd to the seat in February, when Jeff Sessions vacated it to become attorney general.

In Fairhope, Bannon and several other right-wing luminaries gathered at the Oak Hollow Farm to give Moore one final boost before Republican voters go to the polls.

"It's a message that's important to them", he said. He will face Democrat Doug Jones in a general election on December 12.

"All of Washington is watching to see what Alabama does", Moore said at a south Alabama rally attended by Bannon, Brexit leader Nigel Farage, and "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson.

"It may put the seat in play if Moore wins", Republican pollster Whit Ayres told Harwood in advance of the runoff.

The former judge received the support for former White House aides Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, actor Chuck Norris, and Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson.

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At the top of that hit list are Republican Sens. Odd and Moore competed in the Alabama's GOP primary that pitted President Donald Trump against a former top adviser.

James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family and an influential leader among some evangelicals, also endorsed Moore before the race. Because of you, tonight, the establishment has been DEFEATED in Alabama!

Both Roy Moore and Luther Strange thought that Donald Trump's statement that there were perfectly nice people on the side of White Nationalists in Charlottesville were fine. "So it's time for the Republican establishment to step up and have the back of President Trump".

Moore and unusual have captured the nation's attention as big names have been brought into campaign and support as both fight to see their campaigns move on to the general election in December.

Moore's victory probably will not hurt Trump much with his core supporters. The two-time Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court installed a Ten Commandments monument in the rotunda of the Alabama Judicial Building in the dark of night in 2001 and was removed from the bench two years later for refusing to take it down. "Tomorrow I will go back to work with President Trump and do all I can to advance his agenda over the next few weeks", odd said in his statement.

"Roy has a very good chance of not winning in the general election", Trump said. In 2010, unusual surprised a lot of people when he easily defeated long-time Attorney General Troy King in the Republican primary. Moore plans to crusade against the Senate practice of requiring 60 votes to move most legislation on the Senate floor, which he does not consider constitutional, and has said he will seek the impeachment of federal judges who defy his view of God's supremacy over the U.S. Constitution.



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