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The director, his producing partner and sister Barbara Muschietti, and the cast of incredibly down-to-earth actors playing the kids are about to step into the legendary pantheon of awesome horror remakes right along with The Fly, The Thing, and The Blob. "It's not, "Okay, here's this scary clown.' The way we're doing it is much more unsafe".

"It just became evident that you can't take an 1,100-plus page book and condense it down into one movie", Grahame-Smith said. Much like Quentin Tarantino's first volume of "Kill Bill" offered a delirious yet morally unmoored mixtape of kung-fu spectacle, only for the second installment to provide the context that retroactively made it all meaningful, "It" very much feels like the flashier half of a longer story.

"I definitely knew about the source material, about Stephen King and about the mini-series, and I heard bits and pieces about Henry Bowers as a character, but I'd never really got into depth with it until I got the role", Hamilton explains. Rarely a horror movie that fleshes out the characters as people with personality and their own struggles rather than putting them there so the monster or ghost has someone to haunt or prey or fight.

It's insane. I had a similar relationship to It myself. Is he always going to be Pennywise?'

As huge fans of the 80s TV show, the Duffer Brothers - creators of Netflix series Stranger Things - wanted to direct this big screen version, but were considered too inexperienced at the time it was planned, a whopping eight years ago.

This was something that was a leap, a character that is completely different to who I am and how I speak, how I move, how I look. It's a film about growing up and being outsiders and finding that friendship and loyalty between kids; a bond that you only had when you were that age. The filmmakers acknowledge the importance of emotionally investing audiences in the characters to pull off deep scares, and also recognize the poignant central metaphor that equates horror chills with childhood trauma.

"I really wanted to focus on the emotional journey of the group of kids". I could be terrorising a kid, putting him into a head lock for half an hour at a time, and then Andy would yell cut and you'd be back to being friends.

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All of which would have been enough to grab the attention but behind him everyone, it seemed, wanted their time on centre stage. They were quick whenever they went out, which is what we expected. "The weather was obviously incredibly tricky for us all".

Set in the late 1980s, IT is pure nostalgia, not unlike that of Stand By Me or Goonies.

'I don't know about you guys, but I'm ever so thankful they decided not to adapt our scenes from the book TOO faithfully'. I was impressed by how mature and devoted they were to acting.

One of the fiercest sporting rivalries of all time is brought to the big screen, with Shia LeBoeuf starring as the umpire-abusing McEnroe and Sverrir Gudnason playing his Swedish counterpart. Presumably if this makes enough money the grown-ups will get their own sequel; it seems the one surefire way to ensure Pennywise doesn't return is for audiences to stay away.

Seth: For us, what jumped out about Bill was that he was clearly going to commit to it in a total mind, body, and spirit manner. He's got a great sense of how children think and speak.

In fact, "It" mines its scares nearly too seriously for a movie about a demonic clown stalking the children of a New England town. Yes, I crawled out of my skin and yes, Pennywise is still scary as all get-out, but the real strength of this film lies in The Losers Club and that incredible cast.

It's the adrenaline. It's the same reason we like roller-coasters or jumping out of airplanes.



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