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AHS Cult

She worked on Hillary's campaign-or so she says-but she wasn't acting like one of the good ones in "Election Night". Later, the scenes of the two candidates faded away and we see two very different households on election night.

Ally and Kai, being, of course, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters' characters, respectively, on the latest season of "American Horror Story", titled "Cult", which debuted Tuesday night. Kai is an extremist, who is thrilled with Trump's win, and can't wait to start making America great again. Apparently, Sarah Paulson's character, Ally is a woman who is suffering from a variety of phobias, including a clown phobia. She might be his sister but is more likely a follower of his cult.

When Ally and Ivy return home they see the police and learn that their neighbors are dead.

In the next scene, Kai appears in front of the city council members to hear about "what's going on in the world". They're immediately furious at Winter for allowing Oz out, but when he's out of earshot, she tells them that his over-active imagination, supplemented by the Twisty comic, made up the gruesome killings.

It seems her relationship with brother Kai, a Trump supporter, is strained - or, at least was before Trump was elected.

The real hint at Winter's possible dark side comes when she's babysitting Ally and Ivy's son, Oz. "[Cult] takes place in suburban MI in a small town, a slice of suburban Americana and yet you lay in this unbelievable craziness, which is played not only for fear - it's a very scary show - but it's also a very amusing show, for me, in that it deals satirically with how unhinged and how insane everybody is surrounding identity politics and all the kinds of stuff that's going through the culture right now".

Ivy pauses. "Well, you did it, and now it's done", she replies flatly. But this is American Horror Story-and a Ryan Murphy production at that-which means you'll never have to sit too long in a moment before it's on to the next atrocity.

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Fans of Twisty the Clown can look forward to a revisiting of Murphy's most terrifying character as lore and cult muse. The twisted geniuses behind the hit series used bee imagery to 1) play on the hive mentality that's clearly going to be a theme of this season and 2) ratchet up fear for viewers with trypophobia. If the complete silence and bad fluorescent lighting weren't enough to freak her out, what happens next nearly kills her. Ally sees a bunch of clowns parading around the store, including two doing a lot more than PDA in the produce section.

It's here, in the deserted aisles of this store, that Ally has her first interaction with the clowns. The child later reports seeing a group of clowns murdering his parents' friends - it's now unclear if that's really the case or the result of watching some pretty violent and twisted things with Winter.

In the first three episodes, Murphy will tackle five phobias: claustrophobia, hemophobia (fear of blood), trypophobia (fear of holes), xenophobia, and a fear of coffins. All she could do is scream.

It doesn't help that this has all happened after Ally admits she has not been taking the medicine that her doctor prescribed to help her anxiety.

From a horrific Purge-like visit to the supermarket, where clown-mask wearing marauders taunt her (and have sex in the produce section), to an appearance of a masturbating clown in The Butchery on Main - the restaurant she co-owns with her wife - to literally waking up to a clown lying next to her in bed, it's clear that Ally's problems are just beginning.

AHS fans assemble! Ryan Murphy's popular TV series American Horror Story, premieres its seventh season September 5, 2017 with American Horror Story: Cult, and it's said to be the most disturbing yet engaging season yet.



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