Schumer to Congress: Renew national flood insurance program

Flood Insurance Comes With a Waiting Period

Badger is backed up by the Texas Department of Insurance, Federal Emergency Management Agency and even the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops.

A Mid-South insurance agent is encouraging homeowners to purchase flood insurance in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, as homeowners in Texas who aren't properly insured are expected to take on debt to fix homes.

People in those areas and near them have complained for years that the premiums are too high, though they would be much higher still if not subsidized by the federal government. The insurance must be bought by homeowners with federally backed mortgages living in the most vulnerable areas, called Special Flood Hazard Zones.

In the case of Harvey it's only two of 10 homeowners who have coverage.

And moving this type of litigation to federal court, where civil cases tend to take longer due to a high bench vacancy rate, and making it more hard for attorneys representing property owners to collect fees awarded by the courts, will make it more hard for the average consumer to find a lawyer willing to take their case.

"We're standing in a flood zone". The biggest one: Get flood insurance. You'd have to have separate policies for floods and windstorms. In North Jersey, the debate continues, and often comes up regarding discussion of flood maps, and flood plains.

Some Texans forced out of their homes by Hurricane Harvey may soon return and start thinking about rebuilding.

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Prejudgment interest. Currently, a policyholder who prevails in a lawsuit alleging the insurance company failed to promptly pay the claim is entitled to prejudgment interest at 18 percent.

Additionally, FEMA, which administers the National Flood Insurance Program, typically provides extended grace periods during natural disasters, according to Loretta Worters, spokeswoman for the Insurance Information Institute. Very few of them are likely to have flood insurance. This means that many people will be paying for flood damage completely out of pocket.

Harvey made landfall Friday night and has since broken the USA record for rainfall from a single storm, CNN senior meteorologist Dave Hennen said - with some areas of the state seeing nearly 52 inches of rain. However, McChristian says that flood insurance isn't just for coastal or low-lying areas. That is a false and unsafe message to send. Have contractors work up a quote on their best deal without knowing what the insurance company said the work was worth.

"The need to volunteer is going to take place over the next couple of years", Long said, noting that the disaster covers 50 counties.

The greater message stressed by both Professor Pinter, and Dr. Lauren Alexander Augustine last week is greater resilience.

Analysts say the Tampa Bay area, which includes the cities of Tampa and St. Petersburg, is the most vulnerable in the United States to flooding and damage in the event of a major hurricane.



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