Apple to launch iPhone 8 on Sept 12?

Apple iPhone 8 and new Apple Watch 3 could wirelessly charge simultaneously

In addition to the new iPhone, Apple is also expected to release a new Apple TV with 4K HDR support.

However, the new headquarters isn't finished yet and depending on how construction on site goes the Apple might be unable to hold the launch event at the venue. According to said leaksters, you will be able to throw money at the iPhone 8 (and 7s / 7s Plus for that matter) on the 15th of September - the Friday that follows the keynote. Analysts predict the iPhone 8 will be limited supply after it is officially announced given the high demand for the smartphone.

There is more than one reason to push back the iPhone 8 release by a few weeks. For those who are not aware, iPhone 8 will be an anniversary edition as Apple is celebrating its 10 anniversary in the mobile industry. In the media, it is commonly referred to as the iPhone 8 or the iPhone X, but I don't think that it's particularly likely that Apple will go with either of those names.

Following several leaks about Apple's controversial yet virtually bezel-less redesign, a detailed iPhone 8 dummy model confirmed that the devices would have an elongated 18.5:9 aspect ratio like the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, Forbes reported. That's in line with reports saying the new model will have an edge-to-edge display, although it doesn't answer the question about whether or not it'll have Touch ID sensors embedded in the glass.

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Yes, it will be an expensive device. Other specifications will include the new A11 chip on the iPhone, base storage variants starting at 32GB and going up to 256GB, according to reports. The basic model will probably carry a price tag of around $1,100.

The reason for this massive leap in price could be the glass design and OLED display.

As is often the case with iPhone launches, generating demand is the easy part.

Another thing that Apple fans are equally curious about is: where will Apple hold the iPhone 8 launch event? However, the report has mentioned that Bill Graham Civic Auditorium will likely be used as a backup choice depending on construction timelines of the Apple Park venue. The tech giant is aiming to use Steve Jobs Theater for the event.



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