Here's when the solar eclipse will peak in our Capital City

How to watch the eclipse without solar viewing glasses

The Fayetteville Free Library is hosting a watch party Monday to help learn about science.

The total solar eclipse will turn daylight into an eerie night-time when the moon covers the sun as the celestial event moves from OR to SC. The maximum eclipse will take place at 1:16 p.m., with 76.41 percent of the sun obstructed.

An event of this scale won't happen again until 2316 so it's understandable to want to whip out your iPhone and start shooting.

OR and IL are the only states that fall along the totality path to have voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. It will touch a total of 14 states including Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina. Prior to the common acceptance of the heliocentric solar system, eclipses were taken to be bad omens.

RCEA says that even though the temporary loss of sun won't impact local customers, the eclipse is a good opportunity to assess energy use. Even with the moon nearly directly over the sun, your sunglasses can still let in thousands of times too much sunlight to be safe.

Napans don't have to watch the whole two-and-a-half-hour event to enjoy the eclipse, he said.

Canada will only get a partial eclipse, with 90 per cent of the sun covered in Victoria, to just 31 per cent coverage in St. John's. "Never look at the Sun through the pinhole - it is not safe". After all, you shouldn't even be looking at the eclipse with your naked eye. The teams from Google and Berkeley will then stitch together the crowd-sourced photos to create a continuous view of the solar eclipse as it traverses the United States. During this time, the daytime sky turns into a handsome, deep twilight; temperatures drop; aminals get quiet; planets begin to pop into view; and the sun's shimmering outer atmosphere, the corona, becomes visible.

"Partial is impressive in that part of the sun is bitten away by the moon".

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"Do not look through the pin-hole at the sun itself", he cautioned. You can also use the projection method to keep up with the eclipse. Visit for more information.

Personally, I'm not all that interested in photographing the eclipse.

"Our ophthalmologists don't see much need for concern with animals during the eclipse", said Rob Warren, a spokesman for the UC Davis Veterinary Hospital.

Despite all the above warnings against trying to scope the eclipse with the naked eye, there is one situation in which it will be safe to do so.

The alternatives for protecting your eyes while staring at the sun for a relatively long period of time must be weighed carefully. In severe cases, patients may become legally blind, he said. "That's why we don't get an eclipse every month because sometimes the moon is above this line of sight, sometimes it's below it". Post-eclipse travel with thousands of vehicles on the road at the same time could cause unprecedented gridlock.

You have to have proper eclipse glasses or an eclipse solar viewer.

The point of the project, called the Citizen CATE (Continental-America Telescope Eclipse) Experiment, is not simply to make a pretty film - though the result of the experiment is sure to be stunning. Now many people would like to see it repealed.



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