'Bachelorette' finale preview: Rachel Lindsay has emotional heart to heart with Peter

Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette finale

After nearly three months of having to choose from 31 male contestants, #rachel lindsay finally chose to give her heart to #Bryan Abasolo during the final episode of "The Bachelorette" season 13 aired on Monday.

Lindsay happily accepted Abasolo's proposal after a gut-wrenching breakup with Kraus, who at first appeared hesitant over proposing to her during the finale. The first is that early in the season he told Rachel about a previous romantic relationship that had a really hard ending, and Peter spoke thoughtfully about how helpful therapy was for him in the aftermath.

A fun innovation for 2017: Rachel watches the finale live in-studio with Chris Harrison and comments on the events as they unfold. So let's pick our eyelashes off the floor and discuss WTF happened with Peter.

But after he left their room, Bryan arrived for a date in the vineyards.

On the live show, Rachel tells Chris, "I cried my eyelashes off". Hear what she had to say in the video below.

We all wanted to believe Peter when he talked about how much he loved Rachel, even though he wasn't ready to marry her.

Perhaps the greatest set of tweets, however, are the ones that draw parallels between Bryan's Bachelorette win and Donald Trump's presidential election. He said Rachel had made a man of him.

On the season premiere, she explained why she turned to the reality show to help her find a life partner and husband. But there might just be hope for Lindsay and Abasolo yet; they are equals in outlet mall, uninspiring fashion choices.

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All of the responses were brief, and two were interspersed with curse words. "Disappointed with my performance today". The Superbook is giving Kuchar the second best odds to win at 5/1, after he shot a four-under 66 on Saturday.

Do you have an opinion about The Bachelorette victor and Rachel Lindsay's actions?

The Columbian-American chiropractor gave Rachel a gift of a Spanish dictionary and he told her how to say husband and wife in the language. "You have someone that, in me, was totally forthright from day one, totally invested, totally committed, and then on the other hand, you have this person who goes back and forth, wishy washy, doesn't really know what he wants", he said. The second thing Peter has going for him is that he's just really attractive.

The happy couple shared a sweet kiss as they celebrated the news. "I'm just not in love". He then went on to say how much has changed in his life since Rachel came in.

That should tell you everything you need to know about Bryan.

"I want to show this woman off", Abasolo added. "I see my future".

Before the dramatic proposal, Lindsay suffered one last heartbreak: In a messy and emotional conversation during their final date, she broke up with Kraus, a fan favorite beloved for the gap in his teeth (which matches Lindsay's).

RACHEL: I want you to do it because you want to do it.

All that said, we're not really here talk about Bryan, who now gets to go back to Dallas and try to convince Rachel's extremely-dubious family that he's not a disingenuous creep, or about Eric, who behaved far too much like a normal human being in recent episodes to really generate any victor buzz.



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