Sanders condemns shooter who volunteered for his campaign, GOP blames Dems

Reports Officials identify Alexandria shooting suspect as James T. Hodgkinson

Congressman Steve Scalise, the number three Republican in the House of Representatives, was expected to recover after being shot in the hip.

SHAPIRO: Do we know how he ended up in the D.C. area, Alexandria, Va., this morning?

"Please pray for my colleagues, " Duncan said.

"Once we got back to the Hill, we got word that there was a shooting".

"I yelled, 'Quit shooting toward the houses, '" he said.

Rep. Ron DeSantis said Hodgkinson appeared to be the same man who asked him before the shooting whether Democrats or Republicans were practicing on the field.

"I Want to Say Mr. President, for being an a** hole you are Truly the Biggest A** Hole We Have Ever Had in the Oval Office". Records also indicate Hodgkinson shot at one of the girl's friends with a 12-gauge shotgun and punched another 16-year-old in the face. "Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy".

"Trump is a Traitor", Hodgkinson wrote in a Facebook post dated March 22.

Scalise, 51, the No. 3 House Republican leader, was first elected to the House in 2008.

According to a story from The Washington Post, Charles Orear, 50, met and became friendly with Hodgkinson while campaigning for Sanders in Iowa.

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And now a survey by website ConservativeHome has found that nearly two-thirds of Tories believe her short time as leader is over. And former Conservative minister Anna Soubry said May should take personal responsibility for a "dreadful" campaign.

Sen. Sanders says suspected shooter reportedly volunteered on his campaign: "I am sickened by this despicable act.I condemn this action". Walsh said Hodgkinson never had a streak of violence, but was known to not back down from a fight.

Hodgkinson had several minor run-ins with the law in recent years. Charges in that case were dismissed. Scalise was reported to be in critical condition Wednesday afternoon. He underwent surgery and is in critical condition at the time of writing of this article.

Stephen Brennwald, an Alexandria lawyer, also saw Hodgkinson at the YMCA and said he often seemed to be staring into space.

Here's the rub. Important DC folk can get security detail but innocent school children can't.

"The only thing I was concerned about was that it was such a high-powered gun, and that somebody could possibly get hurt".

Speaker Ryan identified the wounded Capitol Police officers as David Bailey and Crystal Griner. A lone gunman, angered by the election of Donald Trump, opened fire on members of a Republican congressional baseball team and was later killed in a shootout with the police.

He said he had spoken with Mr Scalise's wife, Jennifer, and pledged his support. Shimkus says the main problem is those on the extreme right and left want flawless agreement on their views, which goes against American democracy. "We are with her and with the entire Scalise family".

The office of Republican Rep. Mike Bost, whose district includes Belleville, said it had a record of 10 contacts with Hodgkinson between June 2016 and last month.

The alleged shooter expressed fervent opposition to the Republican Party and called for higher taxes on the rich, in statements on social media and letters to a local newspaper.

The staunch conservative is among the lawmakers leading the drive to repeal former president Barack Obama's signature health care law, among other top Republican priorities.



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