House rejects senate's changes to oil and gas tax bill

Shut out by House GOP, industry pins health bill hopes on Senate

Members of the House Finance Committee voted nearly unanimously in favor of their version of a revenue bill Thursday afternoon, one that looks drastically different than one the Senate approved earlier this week.

The House and Democratic Gov. Jim Justice have disagreed over taxes and budget cuts for the fiscal year that begins July 1. The governors' letter says CHIP has dramatically reduced the child uninsured rate, from 15 percent in 1997 when the law was created to less than 5 percent today.

Even after his last-minute tweaks, Ryan was only able to get Trumpcare through the House by the most gossamer of margins. A tax bill dramatically different than one promoted in the state Senate was approved by delegates on Friday.

"This is kind of a bogus attack from the left", House Speaker Paul Ryan said on ABC's This Week three days after the bill passed.

State Sen. Marci Francisco, D-Lawrence, asks a question during a Senate tax committee hearing on a House-passed bill that would raise $110 million over two years by closing sales tax exemptions at the State House in Topeka, Kan.

Representatives from other collection agencies said the tax could drive them out of business because their clients could easily contract with agencies in other states - or even other countries - that do not tax their services.

"We'll probably butt heads and go to conference committee and come up with something there", he said. The CBO is expected to release its own analysis of the legislation next week.

Members of the group, which include governors from Utah, Tennessee and MI, are also now looking to form a bipartisan coalition of states to propose reforms for the individual insurance market, according to one source, that they hope the Senate will also use.

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"It's a work in progress, and it's a way to break the logjam and get things moving, which is what I think the citizens of our state want and expect", said Del.

He said he hopes to take action on those proposals on Monday, if they are available. If they didn't vote for it a second time, Democrats would still blast them for having voted for a bill separating 24 million people from their health care before knowing all of its dastardly effects.

Tax cuts passed by lawmakers in recent years have largely benefited the highest income earners in the state and profitable corporations. Some members, such as Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Rand Paul of Kentucky, are most focused on reducing tax rates, regardless of its impact on projected revenue. The GOP bill also imposes major cuts to Medicaid, and those who would no longer be eligible for the Medicaid expansion that is phased out in the Republican legislation could be susceptible to lapses in coverage.

Baldwin said the amendment will exclude people rebuilding from natural disasters from the sales tax on construction labor. West Virginia is one of 10 states which does not impose the sales tax on cell phones, Kelly said.

The Self Storage Association said the exemptions targeted for repeal should not be a handful of interests late in the session. He said the House also was concerned with eliminating the personal income tax, saying it could put a burden on lower and middle-income families.

Over five years, the bill would generate about $135 million for the state general fund.

The bill also keeps in the historic tax credit for businesses. "Historic development can be a huge generator of economic activity in our cities with employment and redevelopment". I am hopeful, though, because we're starting to see bipartisan compromise for the first time.



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