Tesla taking Solar Roof pre-orders

Enlarge ImageTesla's Powerwall battery works with solar roof tiles to power your house Musk-style.                  Tesla

Chief Elon Musk tweets saying, "Tesla solar glass roof orders open this afternoon".

Musk sold investors on Tesla's acquisition of SolarCity with the promise of providing an expanded selection of clean energy products.

Unlike more conventional solar panels - large black cells - these can be created to look like regular roof tiles.

Installing one will cost $21.85 (£16.90) per square foot, which Tesla says is the price of fitting a regular roof. Pre-orders require a $1,000 deposit to join the pre-order list with and U.S. orders will begin to ship later this year (international orders will be sometime in 2018). In addition, Tesla shared new information on the tiles, including pricing and a calculator for prospective customers to calculate the cost of the roof, its installation, and the removal of their old roof.

Tesla announced May 10th, 2017 that it is accepting $1,000 deposits for its Solar Roof, CEO Musk's vision for elegantly building solar power into homes.

How does the Tesla Solar Roof work? This eliminates the use of huge solar panels on top of homes to harvest clean energy.

The company's blog says, "Solar energy has always been part of our master plan, and we recognized the need for a roof that is simultaneously affordable, durable, attractive and integrated with battery storage".

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The company's glass solar roof tiles are part of that strategy.

The cost of a Solar Roof can be offset when taking the prolonged reduction of electricity bills into account. Several other companies have tried and discarded solar shingles.

Homeowners can order a roof that is a mix of partial tempered-glass solar tiles and non-solar tiles, with the idea being that the roof can be customized to an owner's need.

Well it turns out that not only is Tesla's Solar Roof cheaper than most people expected, it's actually cheaper than getting a normal roof fitted.

The tiles will convert sunlight into electricity and be offered in several styles, but it's yet to be seen if the photovoltaic shingles are as efficient or cost effective as current rooftop panel installations.

High-efficiency solar cells - produce energy, even during high-temperature days. But the news outlet also says Tesla is bringing its aesthetically appealing tiles to market at a price that's well beneath earlier expectations.



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