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B.C. Liberal Leader Christy Clark smiles after casting her ballot at a polling station in Vancouver on Tuesday

The Green party recommended increasing the tax to $70 per tonne by 2021 compared to the current $30 per tonne. This effectively means that some of the Green party's policies, which more than 80 per cent of the province voted against, could be enacted because either the Liberals or NDP require Green support to form a government. "In the face of rising protectionism in the United States, economic uncertainty around the world, now more than ever B.C. needs strong leadership", she said.

Among the casualties of the night was prominent BC Liberal cabinet minister Peter Fassbender, the former education minister, who conceded defeat to the NDP's Jagrup Brar in Surrey-Fleetwood.

Clark thanked her supporters, as well as those on the opposing campaigns for standing up for what they believe in.

He said in both cases, the minority governments fell apart forcing a subsequent election, with the NDP losing seats in both instances while the Liberals gained majority victories.

The final results of British Columbia's election are still not in, but experts already see scenarios for an unstable provincial government that is unlikely to last a full four-year term. But that handful of seats, mostly in Metro Vancouver, has changed the landscape of the whole province.

That's Andrew Weaver, leader of the Greens, whose little caucus could hold the balance of power in the new B.C. legislature.

"You can trust that every decision the BC Greens will make will follow the principle, issue by issue, of an evidence-based approach", Weaver said. While the province waits for the final vote tally to begin on May 22, the parties are likely to be embroiled in furious negotiations aimed at forming a coalition.

"I've had a good relationship in working with Dr. Weaver in the past", Clark said.

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The Greens won three seats in their traditional stronghold of Vancouver Island, where they were competitive in a number of ridings.

The George Massey Tunnel Replacement project, Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline and Pacific Northwest LNG, were just some of the massive, multi-billion dollar projects Gardner said could now be at risk.

Founded in 1983 as an environmental party, the Green Party has made fighting climate change central to its platform.

A coalition government is created when two political parties form a temporary alliance large enough to form government.

"The most important issue for us right now, the No. 1 deal breaker, is banning big money in B.C. politics", he said. If those results hold, B.C. will have its first minority government since 1952 when another B.C. premier from the Okanagan, WAC Bennett, led his Social Credit Party to power. "It would be reckless and irresponsible of me to show my cards until that's done".

After his speech, Weaver said he called Clark and Horgan to congratulate them on their campaigns and "start the conversation on the next steps for our province in the days ahead".

By the time the next federal election comes around in 2019, Quebec, Ontario and Alberta will also have gone to the polls and each of those provincial votes has the potential to result in more complications for the agenda of the ruling federal Liberals. The greater concern is needing to have virtually everyone present at all times, regardless of illness, emergency or travelling for work, he said. "The question is, What price are they willing to pay to continue governing?" If this riding flips to the Liberals, they will secure a majority government but with only one seat to spare. Several ridings were decided by fewer than 300 votes, including Courtenay-Comox, where the NDP won by a mere nine votes.



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