Amazon adds video calling with Echo Show

Amazon Sweeps US Market for Voice-controlled Speakers- Study

Amazon has unveiled a new version of its Echo smart speaker, the first with a built-in display. If interested in reserving an Amazon Echo Show (or two), click on the sourcelink.

Amazon's Echo Show will cost buyers roughly $300 (which roughly translates to Rs 19,400) and the device will start shipping from June 28 in the USA to begin with. The product, which now also dons a touch screen, appears to be only available to customers in the States for now.

The Echo Show is equipped with all the same features as Amazon's Echo device, enabling users to talk to Alexa and use all of the virtual assistant's skills.

Amazon's Echo devices can be considered harbingers of smart voice-enabled home IoT devices. However, Amazon does stress that all of its Echo devices will have support. Called the Echo Show, the new hardware sports a 7-inch touchscreen, a camera, eight Dolby microphones.

We'll have a lot to say about the newest Amazon Echo in the coming weeks, including publishing a review.

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Amazon today introduced a new voice-enabled Alexa personal assistant with a video screen.

In addition to live calls, Alexa will also have the ability to record and send voice messages to your contacts, or store them locally for other people in your home to listen to later.

Amazon Echo Show is now available for pre orders. Just recently Amazon launched the Echo Look that incorporates a webcam to help buyers shop, especially for fashion goods.

I still don't see why most of these features couldn't be accomplished with a regular Echo and a Fire Tablet though. Google Home is second, and many other tech giants are getting interested in offering a similar device. Each of those companies already offers popular voice and video calling services: Facetime, Hangouts, and Skype, respectively.



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