Apple exploring the possibilities of charging devices over WiFi

A supposed iPhone 8 device

Previously leaked schematics of Apple's anniversary iPhone and rumors doing the rounds suggest it would sport a almost bezel-less design. Also, the two cameras on the back of the phone have been placed horizontally, instead of the purported vertical placement.

The new design shows iPhone 8 with an edge-to-edge display bezel-less display along with a metallic case.

The iPhone 8 release date is edging closer, and so the rumours surrounding the upcoming phone are growing in intensity. This way it will be possible to integrate a single plate and not duplicated, with one layer on the other that encourages chips to be more efficient and have lower energetic consumption.

The research also claim 41 percent upgraded from the two-year-old iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (that contrasts to a 49 percent this time previous year - does this also mean people are hanging on for iPhone 8?) Anecdotal evidence that this may be the case came when Samsung beat Apple in sales.

It is suggested that this will enable advanced augmented reality features to be included within the camera, something that the CEO Tim Cook has spoken glowingly on in the recent past.

Some of the components that are causing a delay in the start of the mass manufacturing include 3D sensing cameras, 3D Touch Module, a customer Apple chipset branded A11 10-nanometer and an OLED display.

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Alternatively, Apple could also go for another Touch ID solution or some facial recognition feature.

But more importantly, should this purported leaked internal design turn out to be true, Apple may have finally found the right formula in integrating the virtual fingerprint sensor. A new report from Business Korea says that Apple is working to produce its own micro-LED tech - as reportedly working on with LuxVue, a firm acquired by Apple in 2014.

Again, there's nothing to suggest the iPhone 8 will sport such wireless charging tech. It is supposed that the wide area on the rear panel is for wireless charging.

The concept video was put together by folks over at ConceptsiPhone, which provide fans with a gorgeous three-dimensional view of Apple's 2017 flagship iPhone.

According to a report in Nikkei, the premium model among the three proposed iPhones will sport a curved organic light-emitting diode screen, while the other two models will stick with existing flat LTPS display.

According to sources within Apple, there are still iPhone 8 prototypes that retain the physical Home Button.



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