United changes policy, crew can't displace seated passengers

Legal team for United Airlines passenger dragged off flight speaks

Before the incident with Dao - who was one of four passengers asked to leave the oversold United flight so airline employees could board the plane - crew members could reportedly be booked on a flight up until the time of departure.

The airline, owned by United Continental Holdings Inc, said it would make sure crews traveling on their aircraft are booked into seats at least 60 minutes before departure.

The incident shined a new light on the practice of overbooking, which airlines increasingly rely upon to avoid losing money on seats left when some passengers do not show up for scheduled flights.

CEO Oscar Munoz has apologized for how the situation with the United Airlines passenger David Dao was handled but the latter's lawyer, Thomas Demetrio said that they might bring the matter to the court. Dr. Dao was one of them.

Other airlines probably aren't insane about this, either, as it going to focus attention on passenger service and treatment industry wide. The passenger's name was Dr. David Dao, and the world has been unified in its outrage over how he was treated.

TMZ first reported on the policy change Friday after it obtained internal emails.

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When Dao refused to leave his seat, Aviation Department officers dragged him from the plane.

The incident has had wider ramifications with some USA politicians calling for higher compensation for passengers who are bumped from oversold flights.

It would be illegal for IL state or local government employees to forcibly remove travelers from flights under a bill introduced by a lawmaker on Monday after a United Airlines passenger was violently dragged from an aircraft last week.

Since then, the airline has said it won't use law enforcement to drag people off flights anymore, and has also promised some kind of compensation for every passenger who was on that April 9 flight.

Dao suffered concussion, broke his nose, and lost two front teeth, said his attorney on Thursday.

The incident has made many passengers expressing their disappointment with the company, with majority of them saying that United deserves a boycott.



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