Michael Fallon to slam Jeremy Corbyn on defence plans

UK Labour Leader Corbyn Says Could Suspend Syria Air Strikes

Tony Blair has urged voters to oppose candidates who back "Brexit at any cost", even if that means voting Conservative or Liberal Democrat.

With some polls giving Mrs May a more than 20-point lead before the June 8 vote, the main opposition Labour Party pledged on Sunday to introduce four new public holidays to try and unite a country deeply divided by Brexit.

It comes as polling suggests the Labour Party faces a General Election meltdown in Wales while the Tories are on course to win the majority of parliamentary seats. "It may mean, by the way, that they vote Tory, for candidates who are prepared to give this commitment".

Labour has only one MP in Scotland, having lost 40 seats to the SNP at the last general election.

Tory party chairman Sir Patrick McLoughlin said the country would be at greater risk of terrorist attack if governed by the Labour leader as he is "not suitable" to make "uncomfortable decisions" relating to terrorism and security.

"A Labour government would prioritise securing the fullest possible access to the single market - protecting Londoners' jobs and prosperity".

"We are talking about the tail end of 2018, we would have a vote, we would go back to the negotiating table".

Britain's politicians clearly are nervous over the issue of walking out of the European Union following last year's Brexit referendum.

France's far-right reaches across spectrum as runoff looms
If that view is right then Emmanuel Macron ought to be the next president of France. "We are, without doubt, beginning a new era". Mathilde Jullien, 23, said she is convinced Macron will be able to win over Le Pen and become France's next president.

Answering questions following the speech, which won a standing ovation from the audience of loyalists, Corbyn said the election was a chance for Labour to explain its plans.

A Labour government under Mr Corbyn would also carry out an inquiry into the practice of blacklisting, and into the "Battle of Orgreave" in the miners' strike, where striking workers clashed with the police.

The Lib Dems are campaigning for a second referendum to be held across the United Kingdom to approve or reject the final Brexit deal which Downing Street will agree with the rest of the European Union. He added: "A vote for Labour is a vote against a Tory hard Brexit and for a new approach".

Mr Corbyn's message was echoed by Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale, who told the rally there would be "no alliance, no pact and no deals with the SNP" following the election.

"We all know that for many Brexiteers in the Tory Party, this was why they wanted to Leave", he said.

In a fresh intervention on Tuesday, Mr Blair said the Conservatives' position on Brexit must be "turned against them".

"We're having that discussion within the Labour party and we will produce our manifesto early in May".



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