Trump slams first 100 days construct

Is Trump Taking Us to War Everywhere?

In an Associated Press interview, President Donald Trump claimed more progress than he's achieved on his 100-day plan and showed he was not completely familiar with what he had promised in that "contract" with voters. This coincides with a potential government shutdown; so all of this, coupled with the French elections this weekend, could make the remaining weeks of April quite interesting.

Trump needn't look as far back as FDR to see a president who got off to a fast start.

Coined in 1933 by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt during a radio address, the term is a unit of measure that refers to a new president's early accomplishments. It doesn't matter now and it's a media creation now because the report cards on Trump's first 100 days aren't so rosy. "Most might find that surprising, but of course, much of the Trump rally took place prior to his inauguration, and those gains don't count in this case". In fact, his administration is ridiculously understaffed, with fewer than 10 per cent of positions requiring senate approval even being nominated, because of micromanagement and concerns about selecting only people who haven't criticized Trump in the past. Trump tweeted on Friday morning.

On paper it tried its best to make it seem fair by inviting liberal Jamelle Bouie of Slate, Trump detractor Ian Bremmer who is the president of the Eurasia Group, Trump supporter, Kansas Secretary of state Kris Kobach and conservatives Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post and the National Review's Rich Lowry. But Trump did the opposite, telling us to focus on his first 100 days. While the US State Department deplored the way the referendum was conducted, Trump called Turkish President Erdogan to congratulate him on the vote's outcome.

White House correspondent Maggie Haberman highlighted Trump's unique disposition in the White House as the first incumbent president to have no prior military or political experience.

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Then there's the specific construct of the 100 days as a critical way station by which to judge a president. And the subject of election hacking is an awkward one for Trump since USA intelligence agencies have concluded that the Russians' interference was an attempt to help the Republican businessman win in November. America's interests have not changed from those under President Obama and Trump's actions to date have only imposed more constraints.

Mr Trump assumed office with an historically low approval rating.

We've been tracking Trump's promises, and so far he has not even taken action on 60 percent of the promises - and he's broken five of them, such as his promise to label China as a currency manipulator.

On a conference call with her Democratic caucus Thursday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California said the party will be pushing what she sees as Trump's broken promises. This is because while the structures of the Constitution - such as checks and balances and separation of powers - limit the domestic power of presidents, they are freer to act internationally, especially with either congressional acquiescence or affirmative grants of power. But his first major legislative initiative, replacing the Affordable Care Act, failed in dramatic fashion last month, and a Trump-backed tax reform plan has not yet taken the floor in Congress.



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