Republicans hold onto Kansas House seat

Only Sedgwick County showed Thompson ahead of Estes. Next week's special election could swing the conservative district to Democrats for the first time in decades.

And in a district where there are typically twice as many registered Republicans as Democrats, early vote was 44.5% Democratic and 43.5% Republican.

"Estes did not beat us", Thompson told supporters in Kansas' fourth district Tuesday night after the race was called. The Republican Congressional Campaign Committee dumped $130,000 into the race. It was the first special congressional election since Trump's election as president previous year. The special election open primary for Price's vacant 6th District seat is next week.

In Tuesday's special election, Democratic early vote was nearly twice as large as that for Republicans, according to figures provided to me by a prominent Republican pollster. Donald Trump also won the district by 27 percent. Trump and vice president Mike Pence recorded robocalls to stoke Republican turnout in the race, and senator Ted Cruz hosted a rally in Kansas Monday.

Other Democrats also heralded the Kansas results. "You play every game", Pumpelly said. So were national Republicans, who were anxious enough that the party gave Kansas more attention in the last week or two than it does in some presidential elections.

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While Estes took 53 percent of the vote compared to Thompson's 46, the jubilant reactions on the left could easily lead one to believe that the Democratic candidate pulled off a major upset. Trump's job approval ratings have hovered around 40 percent, creating unease among Republicans looking to maintain their congressional majorities.

"Ron has been deeply involved in his community for years and I'm confident he will be a strong voice for Kansas' 4th Congressional District in Washington, D.C.", House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said in a statement congratulating the GOP candidate. The special election Tuesday between Democrat James Thompson and Estes to fill the seat vacated by CIA Director Mike Pompeo is being watched across the nation for signs of a backlash against Republicans or waning support from Trump's supporters. The Republican was expected to win the special election in a district that heavily supported GOP candidates in the 2016 elections.

Republicans get some credit: They saw some potentially embarrassing danger in the Kansas race, they reacted, and they won. Pompeo won the state's 4th District seat in 2010, when Tiahrt gave it up to run unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate.

Lewis and Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) appeared on MSNBC with Chris Hayes Wednesday night to discuss the future of the Democratic party, as well as Tuesday's surprisingly close special election in Kansas. A tally Tuesday morning showed more than 12,600 donors to Thompson.

Maybe. What happens in April 2017 does not mean the same thing will happen in November 2018, when the entire House of Representatives is up for reelection.



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