5 things to know about the gender pay gap

Gender pay gap reporting is a great step forward but does not go far enough to close the gap

The soccer team started a historic legal fight a year ago, while the hockey team threatened to boycott the world championships until winning a new contract last week. One reason is doubt in some circles about whether it's real.

This means ethnic minorities have to hold off a while longer to celebrate Equal Pay Day, particularly until July 31 for black women and November 2 for Hispanic women. As a result of two class action lawsuits alleging gender discrimination, she was able to obtain internal data from Salomon Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch on stockbroker performance.

Let's put this misconception to rest forever.

What can be done: Equal Pay Day is not a day to celebrate, it is a day to point out the inequities. Women still encounter persistent structural barriers in the labor market. By 2000, women earned 74% of men's wages.

A survey of all faculty members - released Monday - found that in 2016 women earned 29% less than men.

The report broke down ways the pay gap affects women's investments in their families and participation in the economy.

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According to a Gallup, Hispanics and African Americans benefited dramatically from the plan. We're thankful for your support in every way . "I do not believe that's the case", he said.

Some of the pay gap stems from the concentration of women in low-paying industries and occupations, and their rarity in executive ranks. "Part of this is about who you know". "In short, it's about women's worth", she said in a statement. Other changes that would help bring about equal pay would be strengthened protections for pregnant workers, guaranteed paid sick days and the Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act, which would guarantee comprehensive paid family and medical leave. In Florida, the gender pay gap starts at 85 cents. It can't be explained away. Latina women make the lowest at 61 cents for every dollar paid to men, or 54 cents for every dollar paid to a white male worker.

Where did Equal Pay Day come from?

We are writing as the president and public policy co-chair of the American Association of University Women Delaware in response to Wayne Allen's letter to the editor March 24, in which he questions the validity of gender inequality in the workplace. There are national costs too. Almost a quarter of women (23 per cent) feel men are paid more for the same role while just 44 per cent of women feel both genders receive equal pay, compared to 58 per cent of men. The average pay gap between female and male orthopedic surgeons was nearly $41,000; among oncologists about $38,000 and among obstetrician-gynecologists about $36,000. Our elected officials have a vital role to play in passing and enforcing anti-discrimination laws. "We need businesses to do the audits they should be doing", says Sandberg.

Equity pay makes "cents" ... that's an understatement.

At the federal level in the US, employers already are required to collect compensation data about their employees, including gender, race and ethnicity. She took the first salary offered, no questions asked.

And all of us - men, women, employers, employees, colleagues - can step up and become stronger allies for women. It also means supporting women when they negotiate for raises and promotions. It impairs women's ability to pay for a college education. That's a social reality we can help change together. It's not just another matchmaking tool, it's a revolution in the making: women must make the first move. "This is a patently political bill created to pander to one element in the Democrats' base, namely women", he said. "There's nothing more fundamental than that".



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