Republicans 'Turn The Cannons On Each Other' In Week Of Public Feuding

Rep. Mo Brooks R-Ala. a member of the conservative Freedom Caucus responds during a TV interview on Capitol Hill in Washington Thursday

He cast his lot with Speaker Ryan, not because he cared what was in the bill, but because Ryan told the president he could get it done. As I mentioned earlier today, the president has doubled down on the Freedom Caucus, the 30 or so members of the conservative members of the House of Representatives, The Politico and such others in their headline are referring to the three Freedom Caucus leaders as the ringleaders, Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, Raul Labrador.

The two top Democratic leaders in Congress - Sen. 'Give us the House and Senate, ' they got it in 2014. Indeed, during the campaign, Trump said "it will be so easy" to get rid of Obamacare. He worries less about whether policies work or not - whether, in this case, more people have health insurance - than whether policies fit his definition of "conservative" or "not conservative". Trump tweeted on Thursday morning.

The president intermittently criticized the House Freedom Caucus in the days after he and Ryan withdrew the health care bill ahead of a House vote scheduled for last Friday. "It depends on if they take a good path or a bad path", he said in an interview. "You have no choice but to vote for this bill", he reportedly said.

It would not really repeal the Affordable Care Act but replace it with what he termed a "Republican welfare bill" leaving in place federal health care subsidies and the requirement insurers cover pre-existing conditions, a feature that increases the cost of insurance. "If you think the Freedom Caucus is them, well then, Mr. President, you don't have any support because the people who elected the Freedom Caucus elected you". "This was the first attempt at health care by the Republican leadership, and it did not originate in the White House". Because the way he is going now, he will get a primary challenge for 2020 from someone who commits to repealing Obamacare and deporting all illegals.

That strategy could also "backfire dramatically", Wiseman adds, as numerous Freedom Caucus members already enjoy strong local backing. But he warns that will be the result if House Republicans can't come together and pass their bill. "I want us to become a unified majority", Ryan told reporters. We don't want want him to "get something done", we want him to get the right things done.

But he had also publicly blamed congressional Democrats, despite never reaching out to them.

Some Republicans seemed emboldened by the White House's prodding.

Orrin Hatch to back nuclear option if needed to confirm Gorsuch
Gorsuch, the affable Colorado appellate judge, was viewed as a conservative who might be able to attract some Democratic votes. Neither McConnell nor Schumer will say, exactly, how many senators they have on their side.

If it happens, it could mean a whole new world for the kinds of nominees to the highest court in the land, which had been one of the last remaining trusted institutions in the country, but has seen declines in recent years, following Bush v. Gore and the decision regarding key provisions of the Affordable Care Act. "A complete outsider. Someone beholden to no one - but them", Pirro said into the camera on her TV show.

But Rep. Tom Massie, R-Ky., said, "It's fantasy a single Democrat will support repealing Barack Obama's legacy law".

Democrats once thought Steve Bannon was scary smart, but were pleasantly surprised he made a fool of himself in front of all the renegade conservatives he used to protect - through his attacks on House Speaker Paul Ryan while at Breitbart - by declaring to them that a vote on the House health care bill was mandatory, and there was no more debate about it.

If the GOP is going to be a governing party, and not just the raucous opposition, it has an opportunity and a duty to fix the flaws in the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. Moderates, who disliked how the bill rolled back Medicaid expansion, and Trump heaped blame on House conservatives for refusing to support the bill.

"I guess I'm just not sure what the expectation was", said Katrina Pierson, spokeswoman for America First Policies.

Indeed, had the Obamacare replacement passed, Ducey - presuming he wins re-election in 2018 - would have to make what likely would be the most hard decision of his governorship at the start of his second term: Cut off health care for hundreds of thousands of Arizonans or put the state on the hook for almost a half billion dollars to keep their coverage.



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