The Boss Baby is an average return on your investment

'The Boss Baby' Review: The Visuals Are Boss, But the Story Could Use Some Human Resources

It would be easy to dismiss these flaws as The Boss Baby being a simple kids movie, but the success of recent films such as Zootopia indicate that kids can appreciate good storytelling just as much as the parents who take them to the theater. And when it sticks to the core concept, the new entry from DreamWorks Animation is satisfying. Hans Zimmer, arguably the greatest composer of movie music now working, found time to finish the "Boss Baby" score between "Hidden Figures" and Christopher Nolan's World War II movie "Dunkirk". The talent is there, but it seems like the desire has been hit or miss (mostly miss) for more than a decade. The Trump-like delivery fails because even if Boss Baby has the emotional and mental maturity of an adult, he should still speak with a childlike voice. And boy do they get a doozey.

You might take your kids to see "The Boss Baby" wondering how Alec Baldwin's goo-goo-gaga go-getter compares to "Family Guy" terror tot Stewie Griffin, or cigar-chomping Baby Herman from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit".

Tim and the Boss Baby strike a deal: if Tim helps the Boss Baby thwart the Puppy Co. release, and preserve the cuteness title for babies, Boss Baby will return to his management position, and Tim will get to be an only child again. "And those who can't, supervise", Boss Baby wryly responds, "Your dad's a hippie". When Tim sees Baby alone or with other toddlers, he discovers that his little brother really can issue orders.

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The other big surprise was Steve Buscemi, because we had designed a character to be completely different, this kind of rotund, "Trader Joes", fun-loving guy, and, when Steve approached the role, he liked being the savvy businessman, but he also liked being the baby who would have tantrums. At the most basic of levels, the movie serves to show how a young boy might cope with the sudden introduction of a younger sibling and the loss of attention from his parents. In many ways it is similar to the recent Secret Life of Pets with a new intruder ruining the flawless life of our lead character thereby creating conflict.

Alec Baldwin (as Boss Baby): "Behold our mortal enemy!" That's ultimately the movie's undoing, because some parents may feel it goes too far with some of the more questionable jokes. The voice work of Alec Baldwin and Miles Christopher Bakshi is really great and they play off of one another extremely well.

Tim is convinced that Boss is wearing the trousers in the family. Their next film? Cars 3, which will compete for family audiences this summer with Despicable Me 3 and - no joke - The Nut Job 2. Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. The two "Lego Movies" have done a great job of giving their stories a sense of childlike direction, and "Boss Baby" could have used some of that simplicity.



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