Microsoft Details Windows 10 Creators Update Rollout

The Xbox User Interface-Lift…

Similar to PlayStation 4 software update from late a year ago, it lets you see and capture screenshots and video with a single button press, see and manage your party, access background music, and so on.

The update is a noteworthy one, as millions of gamers presently use Twitch, an Amazon streaming service, for chatting and blasting aliens as they play the games on Microsoft Xbox One, their PCs and also Sony PS consoles.

Along with introducing Beam streaming, the update brings many more changes such as an updated Home with an overhauled look. To do that, we've optimized for speed and are prioritizing the most valuable content for your games. The home screen now has a smaller icon for the game you're playing and displays additional community info. You can select Move Broadcast Overlay to make sure that the Beam overlay doesn't get in the way of whatever game you're playing. Indeed, this new interface makes booting up a stream stupidly simple, and it's easy to decide what you do and don't want to show on the stream.

Now, hitting the Xbox button on your controller will bring up the sidebar menu rather than dropping you to the home screen. Most of the system's features can be accessed in this part of the console.

This is an account based system that can be enabled by logging into a parent account at

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For Windows 10 users willing to let the magic happen on April 11 and beyond, they'll be able to customise the best time for the update to take place. There's a new achievements tracker, which allows you to overlay multiple tracked achievements as you play each game. Microsoft has a lot to say about the new Xbox One changes. The Creator's Update includes major updates for Microsoft Paint and a Game Mode for Windows 10 PCs. No extra software is needed to use Beam on Xbox One.

One's Beam app will come installed on all Xbox One's released after this update.

Microsoft (msft) said Wednesday that Xbox One players will now be able to livestream their video game sessions with others via its own gaming broadcasting service, Beam Streaming. Microsoft promised Dolby Atmos support for both movies and games but so far the ability only applies to the Blu-ray app. Unfortunately, in my experience anyways, Beam streaming still has a way to go, primarily for the quality end of things.

The Copilot feature works with this new wireless controller too.



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