THE WALKING DEAD Recap: Less Cowardly Mansplaining Is "Something They Need"

AMC's'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Heath

In this week's episode, it continued to dance around the point of contention: Maggie and Gregory can not continue to coexist on The Hilltop.

One of the reasons we write posts about the people who died on The Walking Dead is that there are casual fans who don't watch regularly, and they like to know if someone died.

In season two, episode five of "Fear the Walking Dead", the same exact trick was used. And Sasha's (Sonequa Martin-Green) "rape scene" from Sunday night's episode, "Something They Need," was a firm reminder that Walking Dead has a unusual, spotty history with these plotlines.

Join us on this journey, to create an alliance.

AMC apparently thought Sasha's failure was such a foregone conclusion that they didn't bother pretending like she had any sort of chance at success inside, as they've already released stills/clips that show her captured an imprisoned in what looks like Daryl's old cell. When Sasha refuses, he attempts to rape her-only to be interrupted by Negan, who murders David on the spot for violating the Saviors' strict rule against rape.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead. However, it's all but confirmed that Sasha will kick the bucket next week. This isn't a show that functions well at a snail's pace-it's no Mad Men-and in place of the final battle that literally even a child knows is coming, they've given us these false moments of progress that are actually just boring diversions.

"The Walking Dead" airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. She pretends to switch sides, then lies to Eugene, asking him to sneak her a weapon so she can kill herself (while clearly intending to use it on Negan). I would say in all seven seasons we have shot, the first half of this season was the worst, not only because Rick was being beaten down and thwarted and eating humble pie in nearly every scene, but we lost friends. Jadis is from the new group Rick found that lived in that enormous junkyard.

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Will Rick kill Dwight or will he realise that he is a bigger asset than he could ever have hoped for? First, though, Rick has to put his gun away - which is something he's not all that good at.

This was a huge episode for the character development of Gregory. Sure, they might also put them all at risk of zombie or Savior attack by taking their guns and (potentially, if Cyndie has her way) their best fighters, but they need those guns to arm a group of insane people who live in a dump and who may or may not be worth fighting alongside.

The women of Oceanside not only spared Tara's life, but they saved her too. Tara's "If you kill me, they'll kill you and still take the guns anyway" comment was just awesome. While "The Other Side" promised conflict, "Something They Need" let it go to waste.

The opening is further setting Maggie up as the Hilltop's leader, and is perhaps my favourite part of the episode, with very little dialogue spoken while the passing of time is conveyed with training of the safe zone's residents, and plans being made both for and after the war with Negan. When Eugene says Abraham would have made the same choice, Sasha tells him to get out. Because an episode this uneventful has to be the calm before one hell of a storm, right? Negan's defense of Sasha follows his authoritative bloodlust, but not his hatred of all things Rick.

If you were expecting an exciting lead-up to next week's season finale, guess again. Let's hope it'll be epic, and let's hope it won't be ruined by any annoying cliffhangers. Calling back to her days as a farmer's daughter, Maggie taught some agriculture tricks to the locals and, in a hopeful move, went out to retrieve a blueberry bush that could provide for the community for decades. The Alexandrians set off bombs outside the camp to goad the Oceanside survivors into fleeing, then corral them into submission with loaded guns. Be sure to leave your take in the comments!

"We stand before you three communities united, saying to you and your people - no more", Rick shouts at Negan.



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