Sanctuary Cities: The Line Splitting The Thin Blue Line


Pennsylvania officials are disputing claims made by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement that they did not cooperate with the agency by detaining illegal immigrants.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says 142 charged suspects on requested immigration detainers were released from the Travis County jail during a one-week period last month.

The Department of Homeland Security on Monday released the first ever report on law enforcement agencies that are potentially "endangering Americans" by failing to cooperate with ICE detainers and named multiple jurisdictions in California.

The Express also contacted the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, which, according to ICE, declined two detainers issued in May and August of a year ago.

ICE issues detainers to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to provide notice of its intent to assume custody of a removable alien.

It listed 206 examples of immigrants who were alleged to have been released from custody by local jails despite requests from federal agents to hold them.

Northampton and Boston followed suit with August 2014 actions to limit local cooperation with ICE. If they get arrested, then ICE would be notified by the jail, and ICE could place a detainer on the person.

Their argument is that immigrants would be in fear of cooperating with local police in reporting crimes and other public safety matters if they thought they could be deported.

"When law enforcement agencies fail to honor immigration detainers and release a criminal alien onto the streets, they have declined an ICE detainer", the ICE website states.

Up to this point, the county has not honored them and has released inmates under detainer unless there was another reason not to.

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In Vermont, meanwhile, two undocumented activists with the group Migrant Justice were detained by ICE agents on Friday, while leaving the organization's Burlington-based office.

This happened to Lehigh County, when it honored an ICE detainer in 2008.

According to the report, seven detainers were issued in Washington County during that time.

Fine print: ICE agents would've had access to inmates as well as county records and files, including inmate release dates, as per Chester County policy (which the ICE report reflects). Washington County, like every other county in OR, does not honor U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement detainer requests.

The U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) on Tuesday questioned the constitutionality of ICE detainers and the truthfulness of the DHS report. And Butterworth said they continue to believe that Trump can not legally strip away the funds.

"The Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office continues to stand firmly behind our ICE policy". The Center of Immigration Studies, a Republican-leaning think tank, called Lehigh is a sanctuary county, citing the list.

Schools can not bar students from enrollment based on immigration status or lack thereof, the Supreme Court ruled in a 1982 case called Plyler v. Doe. However it still can not hold someone past their release date without a warrant. The Trump plan to secure the border differs starkly from the policies of President Obama, whose laxity on immigration has led directly to crimes like the rape of a 14-year-girl in the high school restroom by two immigrants, one illegal, in wealthy Montgomery County, a sanctuary jurisdiction just outside the nation's capital.

"In this particular situation, they weren't able to come up and pick up the inmate so they were asking us to hold the person past the date of February 3, and we refused to do so", Reams said. "I mean, ICE has a job to conduct - they certainly can't impede that - but they don't have to volunteer information".

"I felt, on behalf of [the county], that it was a mischaracterization and it created a headline that would confuse [our] citizens", Shank said of the county's inclusion in the report.

Instead, Wyatt said his department was able to identify a man arrested the day before who roughly fits the description, but the man wasn't charged with burglary.



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