What would Medicaid work requirements mean for those who receive it?

Outside Groups Pledge Millions To Back GOP Holdouts On Healthcare Reform Guest Post

President Donald Trump's administration and House Speaker Paul Ryan face a tough road ahead, however, as several Republicans said they are not on board with the new legislation. Rep. Lance says that he campaigned on a platform of replacing and repealing Obamacare, but that the new provisions in the bill will not be enough to get his vote.

Ryan insisted that ultimately the Republican plan would cut premium costs for people in their 50s and 60s, but "we think we should be offering more assistance than what the bill currently does".

A review of the American Health Care Act by the Congressional Budget Office reveals that in the first year of the law's implementation, the number of uninsured would increase by four million people, and by 2026 the number of uninsured would increase by twenty-six million Americans.

"How do we have any momentum to do anything else?" asked Rep. Richard Hudson, R-N.C. "Without this bill, I don't know how you do tax reform", he said.

Politico reported that the plan was facing opposition from some House Republicans because it doesn't seem likely to curb rising premiums.

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Kavita Patel, a primary care doctor at Johns Hopkins and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who worked on the Affordable Care Act, spoke with us about the dire realities of the bill as is. The bill is scheduled to be voted on Thursday night. The Senate is due to vote on the healthcare bill next week.

Open letter to my congressman: Thank you for seeking my views regarding the proposed American Health Care Act. They chose to do things detrimental to their health, then seek lower-cost care! The 2009 law requires insurers to cover specified services like maternity care for all policy holders, which are sharply driving up premiums, King argued. The latter offers multiple choice responses of "keep in place as is", "keep but make some changes", "keep but change significantly" or "just repeal".

As of Wednesday afternoon, more than 22 Republicans maintained they would vote no on the bill on the House floor, enough to sink the bill. Small business owners anticipate big changes in federal policies, including the repeal and replacement of Obamacare. A plurality (43 percent) believe Republicans are moving too fast, and only 18 percent think there's a need for urgency.

"We're told that there would be no substantial amendments", Meadows said, and added caucus members take that to mean their concerns won't be addressed before Thursday's vote. Also, the Obamacare taxes for those who don't get insurance would phase out this year instead of 2018.



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