GOP Guvs Oppose House Health Care Bill, Offer Their Own Proposals

Trump woos his former opponents in bid to repeal and replace Obamacare

Nevertheless, the proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act achieves one of the key objectives of Republican lawmakers, reducing the federal deficit by $337 billion over 10 years, according to the report. At some point, Obamacare risks plunging into what insurance experts call a "death spiral".

The CBO analysis reportedly shook members of Congress, as many were already on the fence regarding the American Health Care Act before the CBO did any sort of analysis.

The House Freedom Caucus posted to Twitter to indicate they still opposes the Republican replacement bill in its current form.

The House bill eliminates elements of Obama's Affordable Care Act, including the individual mandate that penalizes people who don't have insurance.

Signs emerged on Wednesday that the White House was winning over reluctant conservatives who initially questioned the legislation on the grounds that it too closely resembled Obamacare, the signature domestic policy achievement of former President Barack Obama.

But after Friday's meeting with Price, he expressed frustration there were no commitments from leadership on any changes except a possible optional work requirement on Medicaid, which "doesn't move the ball more than a couple yards on a very long playing field". In 2016, 12.7 million Americans signed up, while 12.2 million signed up in 2017. Moreover, they represent initial enrollment, and there's usually significant attrition over the course of a year.

"I believe it would have adverse consequences for millions of Americans and it wouldn't deliver on our promises to reduce the cost of health insurance for Americans", Cotton said.

Mike Tucker, volunteer state president for AARP Washington, says the flat tax-credit proposal in the plan amounts to an "age tax" that would increase premiums for older Americans.

"I committed to President Trump that I would support this plan if it contains the changes we agreed to today", the Columbia City resident said.

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Influential conservative media outlets in the Trump administration, including Breitbart News and Newsmax, have come out in opposition to the legislation.

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of SC offered a more reasoned perspective on the congressional budget report this week: "If they're half right, that'd still be a lot of people who are uninsured".

But the congressional numbers crunchers aren't the only ones predicting dire consequences from the GOP plan.

"The markets continue to be dominated by enrollees receiving subsidies", said Pearson.

If the poor and others can't afford health insurance, they won't be covered unless someone subsidizes their insurance.

"I never thought I'd have to say this, but we're facing an uphill battle in repealing Obamacare", Ryan said in a fundraising email Friday. "This is something we wrote with the Senate committees".

Republicans control both Congress and the White House for the first time in a decade, but the overhaul still faces political battles to be fought by a president new to governing.

Conservatives and moderate House Republicans want to shove the bill in opposing directions, GOP senators are rebelling and Republican governors say the House bill gives them nearly no new flexibility and lacks sufficient resources to protect the vulnerable.



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