Potential federal budget cuts for Meals on Wheels?

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As you know, Meals on Wheels is not a federal program.

Budget director Mick Mulvaney claimed that programs like Meals on Wheels don't work, but studies have shown they improve nutrition and overall quality of life for the elderly.

Although a majority of the funding for Meals on Wheels come from community donations and outside sources, Missoula Aging Services CEO Susan Kohler says she is anxious even the most minor cuts would trickle down and put the program at risk. "Some of the people - this is their only source of food", he said.

At the age of 86, Mattie Hudson doesn't get around so well anymore. "I'm a little too young for a nursing home yet". The average age of people who are served is roughly 78 or 79, he said. Metro Meals on Wheels, which covers Minneapolis and St. Paul, said the group received about 40 donations in the past 24 hours, well over the usual average of three or four donations a day.

Johnson County's Meals on Wheels is run by the Human Services Department.

The budget cut the funding in order to finance a big increase for the military and begin paying for the US-Mexico border wall.

"This budget simply reallocates and reprioritizes spending as any family or business would do", Mulvaney said. They're grateful for the money that's come in but hope it goes beyond that "We need them to be part of the advocacy effort, as well".

"Don't criticize it to me".

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"When I heard it and saw it, it was deeply disconcerting, because it's misinformed and it's ill-timed", Pick said.

"As I've said before, the best social program is a job with a good paycheck", he said.

Senior meal programs across the county are keeping a close eye on the budget proposed by the Trump administration. So if you did not have Meals on Wheels then what happens?

He invited Mulvaney to volunteer with the program to deliver meals around Greater Lafayette, as Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski and West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis did earlier this month.

Health and Human Services would lose hundreds of millions of dollars under the budget.

The program is gearing up to take on more clients as the Baby Boomer generation begins aging.

"More than 300 members voted to boost medical research by billions in November, we can not turn around a few short months later and slash its budget. The CDBGs have been identified as programs since I believe the first - actually, the second Bush administration as ones that were just not showing any results", he said.



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