President Trump cuts funding to National Endowment for The Arts

Trump's proposed new federal budget to cut all funding to National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities

But both expressed disappointment at the budget plan, and highlighted the fact that the endowments fund programs across the country.

"Theses agencies would be abolished", Suzanne Nossel, the executive director of PEN America, an advocate for the NEA and NEH, told TPM.

While there have been battles to protect the NEA in the past, Massachusetts Cultural Council executive director Anita Walker says this feels different.

In his proposed budget, Trump said the 21st Century program "lacks strong evidence of meeting its objectives, such as improving student achievement".

"I don't think it's going to happen, but it could", he said.

Walker also says it's ironic that this news comes during the year that marks the centennial of MA son John F. Kennedy's birth. "Because he believed that great civilizations embrace and build their foundation of freedom on an artistic platform".

Last year, the National Endowment for the Arts invested more than $3 million in MA. About $1 million of that is being distributed by the Massachusetts Cultural Council to fund more than 700 cultural organizations and councils statewide. "People are surprised when they learn they have been taking advantage of Humanities programs throughout the years". The Arts North Carolina proposal "would help some of the rural areas that do not have major arts councils or do not have professional staff in place", she said.

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"Institutions like the Symphony, like the Playhouse, like the Ballet Western Reserve and other organizations in our community that are Arts related, Zona said". "If you're getting NEA funding, you're getting truly national recognition", Frazier said. Much of those funds go toward seed funds for projects across the state, and can "leverage often more than three times that amount in local funding, but really provide crucial support to get local projects off the ground", Wortzel said. The estimate includes grants from the NEA, NEH and CPB, as well as the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the last of which funnels money to, obviously, museums and libraries.

In a piece for The Washington Post, author Lisa Phillips examined why exposing children to and making sure they participate in the arts from a young age is paramount. The rapid-response team, said Seattle's Office of Arts and Culture director Randy Engstrom, was explicitly assembled to deal with Trump administration directives that Mayor Ed Murray suspected would run counter to Seattle's interests.

The Writers Guild of America West and East and IATSE have concerns that stem into both the current roles of artists and those who benefit from their work today, but are also concerned on the affect this cut would have on the importance and relevance of art in the American culture for future generations. And a local builder, Biggs TC Development, recently was awarded tax credits to redevelop a historic downtown building as lofts for artists and creative entrepreneurs. You can start by expressing your support for the NEA, NEH and IMLS in your circle of influence.

According to the New York Times, Trump is the first President (and first toilet) to propose cuts for these endowments, which were created in 1965. The NEA, NEH and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which combined account for 0.07 percent of the federal budget, are listed among 19 total agencies to be cut.

"There's the realization that you always have to be looking at something new, not just doing the same thing over and over every year".

"Americans for the Arts stands with Ovation and the rest of the coalition members in its support for continued funding of the NEA", said Robert L. Lynch, President and CEO, Americans for the Arts.



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