Marvel defends casting white actor for Iron Fist role

Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick in 'Marvel's Iron Fist&apos

"Iron Fist" feels "like a step backward on every level, a major disappointment that already suffers from storytelling issues through the first six episodes made available to critics", writes the Hollywood Reporter's Daniel Fienberg, "and would probably be mercifully skippable in its entirety if it weren't the bridge into the long-awaited Defenders crossover series". Danny still has to figure out what to do when the Chinese mafia shows up, however - or what it even means to be the latest in a long line to wield the power of the Iron Fist.

When Danny regains consciousness after the opening credits, he's nursing his probable concussion on a couch in the penthouse he was just roughly forced to leave.

I wrote a column about a year ago about the casting of the white Jones and the online push to have an Asian-American actor play Rand, to mitigate the storytelling trope in which a white man goes to a foreign land and bests the natives at their own customs to become their savior. Joy, played on mute by Stroup, is happy to see her old childhood friend again, but also drugs him and sends him to a mental hospital out of some sense of familial protectiveness. But what has increasingly set the Marvel-Netflix shows apart is their timely and psychologically rich subtext: Jessica Jones is about the trauma of rape, the ubiquity of toxic masculinity, the dynamics of domestic violence; Luke Cage is about wrongful imprisonment, urban gentrification, the black experience in modern America. "I think that's such a f--ing great story to tell the world, right now", he said.

They didn't share screen time, but Jones and Jessica Henwick (playing Colleen Wing) struck up a strong friendship when they starred in Game Of Thrones.

Lookin' a little intense there, Danny. Make him an idiot. The corporate Manhattan culture of "Iron Fist" is very far removed from the Hell's Kitchen of "Daredevil" and the Harlem of "Luke Cage". She's always been smart and cunning, but Iron Fist sees her take the first steps to being able to defend herself against the super hero threats she is constantly surrounded by - thanks to marital arts master Colleen's help.

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This might be okay if Danny's fight scenes were impressive, but broadly, they're not. Maybe they wanted to make sure one of the Defenders had limitless funds so the other three (who are abundantly broke in their respective series) didn't have to worry about money while getting their superhero on? As soon as Danny name-drops the Hand, it's more than enough to scare them away from any further involvement.

Iron Fist Supposed To Be About? Now, for the fourth and final season, we're back in San Francisco with a pair of new cops (Meaghan Rath and Neal McDonough) on Ethan's ass-if Greene (really, the only worthwhile part of Rogue any more) doesn't put him in the ground first. I wonder if we'll be hearing any mentions of the other two members of Danny's eventual team?

This episode marks the first instance in which we see the dragon tattoo on Danny's chest.

There are a number of elements in Iron Fist that transform it into a generic series, one that seems too many similarities with The CW's Arrow.

Instead, we're focused on Danny's core problem: no one knows, or believes, who he is.



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