Gallagher: Trump's Easing of Emission Standards Is A Bad Idea

Trump expected to announce new fuel economy standards Wednesday in Detroit

Since his election last fall, automakers have been petitioning Trump, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Transportation Department to re-open the review on the Corporate Average Fuel Economy, or CAFE, standards, a set of emissions regulations that call for fleet-wide fuel standards to reach 54 mpg by 2025.

The event was at the American Center for Mobility, a up-and-coming testing facility for self-driving and connected cars in Ypsilanti, Mich. We're going to help companies so they are going to help you.

Indeed, allowing USA auto companies to keep building inefficient vehicles will undermine the industry's competitiveness as the rest of the world enacts much more stringent fuel economy standards to promote super-efficient cars - and as countries from Germany to India consider banning gasoline-powered cars outright by 2030.

Young is the director of communications of the California Air Resources Board, the board that oversees California standards, which are by law allowed to be stricter than the federal rules.

In anticipation of the Trump announcement, on Tuesday, a motion was filed by the CARB, Gov. Sixteen states, including OR, have signed on to the California standard.

Wednesday's action won't have an immediate impact on California or the 14 other states that have chosen to comply with California standards.

Winners and Losers in Trump's 'Skinny Budget'
Mulvaney repeatedly said he couldn't provide specifics on the cuts to agencies because he didn't have the numbers in front of him. For example, Mulvaney noted that there are more than 50 federal job-training programs.

The fuel economy standards in question, which were put forth in 2012 and finalized earlier this year, set ambitious standards for the number of miles cars and trucks must average per gallon.

Environmental groups responded quickly to the president's action.

'I just want to tell the leaders they've made some very wise decisions, very wise, ' Trump said.

During a speech outside of Detroit, Trump told auto executives and workers that he had reopened an assessment of the feasibility of the emissions standards, which the Obama administration had upheld in January. Those states won't be directly affected by Wednesday's announcement, although EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has hinted that his agency may separately attempt to challenge those states' rules. The president is expected to endorse new policies that would permit manufacturers to build more pickup trucks and SUVs, both of which struggle to meet the higher fuel economy standards environmentalists say are necessary to limit carbon emissions from motor vehicles.

The decision will give auto manufacturers another opportunity to relax the Obama administration's standards adopted by the U.S. Environmental Protection in January, which opponents said would be hard to meet. Edward Markey, D-Massachusetts, who hails from one of the states that follows California's rules.

The EPA estimated under Obama that the costs required to meet the standards through 2025 would be about $33 billion.



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