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No. 10 Marquette: Surely to be an interesting contest as an SEC and Big East school square up, but this game is taking place in SC which will make things even more interesting for Marquette's game plan.

Some advertisers choose only to appear only in the first weekend of the tournament knowing that's when upsets are likely to happen.

I always look forward to March Madness. The lowest team to ever win the tournament was an 8-seed, Villanova, in 1985.

A surefire upset most seasons is a No. 12 seed defeating a No. 5 seed. Let's see how it turns out.

-No. 6 SMU vs.

-No. 7 SC vs.

Zooey Deschanel went to Northwestern and Molly Sims went to Vanderbilt.

12 Princeton over 5 Notre Dame.

3 Florida State over 14 Florida Gulf Coast.

Iowa State and OR will get bounced by Nevada and Iona in the first round.

13 Vermont over 4 Purdue.

MIDWEST: No. 3 OR (29-5) vs.

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2 Louisville over 15 Jacksonville State. No. 9 Seton Hall will take on No. 8 Arkansas in Greenville, S.C. on Friday. For instance, the Butler Bulldogs play the Winthrop Eagles. This year in their first match-up they are going up against Florida State, a team that is now having issues on both ends of the floor.

1 Villanova over 8 Wisconsin. Southern California and Kansas State vs. Wake Forest.

-No. 7 MI vs.

One No. 12 many are picking this season is Middle Tennessee over Minnesota.

3 UCLA over 6 Cincinnati. If they were matched up, Wichita State would be a 6- or 7-point favorite, if not more. Fujimo is 4-1 on the morning line.

It's not easy to predict who will win the tournament, or even make it out of the first round. It's no surprise that Villanova, Kansas, North Carolina and Gonzaga have the best odds, being the number one seeds after all.

That means of the top eight seeds only Arizona and Kentucky could be termed a land-grant university. Fittingly, two teams did duke it out in football in the Orange Bowl.

Per the new normal, it will be a challenge - but not impossible - for the top seeded squads to advance in the 2017 NCAA Tournament.

Say you can't decide between MI and Oklahoma State. Result: Lost in the regional semis to Syracuse.

2007 pick: 1 North Carolina.

Here's region-by-region breakdowns that dissect each team's strengths/weaknesses, current winning/losing streak and each team's best player or recipe for a win.

2002 pick: 1 Kansas.



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