Where In 'The Walking Dead' World Is Negan's Backstory?

The Walking Dead

Fair warning: this news report contains spoilers from the recent The Walking Dead episode.

They go on their next trip to meet the Saviors and Morgan starts beating the living daylights out of Richard. Richard explains what his thinking was to Morgan, saying, "we can use what's happened" to their advantage. We're heading toward a season-ending Negan showdown, so sharpen up your blunt, useless staffs and join me again next week!

"We are going to write the show we want to write, and if people react to it or they don't like it - it's not going to change". You never know. But if we do get to that point, it'd be nice to see that story adapted... When they make the drop, they're one cantaloupe short of The Saviors order (what is this, Fresh Direct?), and shoot Benjamin, Ezekiel's surrogate son, to teach them a lesson, and hey, tomorrow you better bring back that missing cantaloupe. They both acknowledge that they're on a mission that offers no return: they're trying to sneak into the main Savior compound to kill Negan, and even if they succeed, they seem pretty OK with the fact that they probably won't survive.

However, he was apparently too convincing for his own good, as Morgan finally willingly broke his no-kill policy to take out Richard at the next supply drop.

And Morgan wasn't done there. When Rick and the group when they came to the Kingdom, the King (Khary Payton) said to Morgan "what say you?" and Morgan said, "if we can find another way, we should try and find another way". Morgan slams his head against the pavement a few times while still choking him. Shortly thereafter, Carol marched through the gates of the Kingdom and informing Ezekiel that it was time to get ready to fight, to which Ezekiel agreed.

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This Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead" began with Jerry and other members of the Kingdom preparing to load up a truck with tribute for the Saviors.

Morgan has supplanted Carol as the most compelling character on The Walking Dead, since the latter has been marred by poor writing and a character arc where she's more interested in being left alone than helping anybody else. He then takes out his pent up rage on walkers on his way to Carol's house, where he asks her if she really wants to know what happened at Alexandria. He then goes on a walker killing spree before visiting Carol to explain everything to her.

Throwing his staff on the ground, Morgan then pounced on Richard, grabbing his throat tightly. Ezekiel's prompted into action with the deaths of Benjamin and Richard, and Carol is back in the game after learning the truth about Glenn and Abraham.

Richard's plan took an unexpected turn, however. Morgan watched Rick kill Jessie's husband, Pete, and he realized this was not the same man who once tried to instill hope in Morgan's cynical heart. Despite that, I think it was presented well. ONCE AGAIN THIS MAKES NO SENSE, since they already had the Saviors trust until Richard started fucking shit up with his convoluted plans, and. "He could go for a good while where he's not bothered, but it will accumulate, and it will metastasise, and it will come back to haunt him". On the downside, Benjamin's death gives him a PTSD flashback and he goes all crazytown, like he was back in Georgia after his son died. Ezekiel agrees, but tells her, the day is "not today". The scene where he leaves Carol's house after the death of Benjamin - who in some ways reminded him of his son, Duane - and experiences flashbacks to all the awful events in his life is very powerful and disturbing.



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