GOP introduces bill to replace ACA

Paul Ryan’s Self-Inflicted Healthcare Disaster

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, said the repeal bill is not the one people have been waiting for.

At the beginning of Donald Trump's campaign, he promised to scrap Obamacare. Per various statistical reports, it is being estimated that around 6-10 million Americans will lose coverage under the new healthcare act.

The GOP proposal to penalize uninsured people when they sign up after a coverage gap is different than the way penalties are applied under Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act.

Few states would suffer the consequences of their quackery more than NY, an Obamacare success story by measure after measure.

Medicaid expansion: The legislation would trigger a delayed repeal of the Medicaid expansion program - sunsetting it after 2020.

Phase 3 involves going back to Congress with bills that let insurance companies sell policies across state lines or allow the government to use its purchasing power to negotiate lower drug prices. The plan released this week would keep in place the ACA's prohibition on insurers denying coverage to people because of pre-existing conditions. Limiting the expansion of Medicaid under the new bill also would have a deleterious effect on hospitals, which have benefitted by having more than 10 million newly insured Medicaid patients come to them in the 32 states and the District of Columbia where Medicaid has been expanded under ACA.

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This feature of the AHCA could have major consequences for people in high-cost states. Just as the previous president preferred "The Affordable Care Act", Trump spokesmen prefer the actual name given in the bill, The American Health Care Act. The ACA allows insurers to charge an older person no more than three times more than a younger person.

House Speaker Paul Ryan has given a PowerPoint presentation and members of two committees have held epic overnight markup sessions as they try to get the House Republican leadership's Obamacare proposal through the House of Representatives and over to the Senate.

The GOP bill would change the way subsidies are offered for people who buy their own health care. Conservative Republicans are denouncing it as a new entitlement because it continues heavy subsidies for individual insurance buyers. Word to Mr. Chaffetz: Health insurance costs more than $18,000 a year for an average family; an iPhone costs a few hundred dollars.

"The idea behind the tax credits in this bill is to provide more relief to middle- and upper-income consumers", said Katherine Hempstead, director of a program on federal health reform at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in Plainsboro. The bill would eliminate the taxes on businesses and individuals (people making more than $200,000 a year) who fund "Obamacare". Instead it slashes support for the most vulnerable by cutting $600 billion in taxes for wealthier Americans.

Brady's committee will start considering the bill Wednesday, as will the House Energy and Commerce Committee.



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